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Talisman Online WHY waist your time

Z1OCZ1OC TBAPosts: 7Member

Greetings forum


I am a vet TO player and i feel that this game is a waist of time now due to the lack of support from the GMs


This game i would not recommend to any new player due. it is over run with Botting players and Kids with no respect. I mean even trolls have more respect than they do in this game. The community on this game has droped so vast that It has no point in even trying to play.


But the worst thing by far is the GMs in this game.

Wow Where do i start. The GMs dont reply to really big game issues on the forums or on there support line. they dont give a flying hoot, they dont even know how to play the game. I mean wtf how can you give advise if you dont know what goes on in game. They apoint MODs in the game and they dont trust them. The MODs need to prove to the GMs why they do X or Y. They dont even give the MODs rewards for doing the work they should, and the MODs take the beating from the players.

The support is shocking its worse that a Reply BOT apllication. They dont even make sence, can the support people even read.

PEOPLE Rage on the forums for awnsers and non are given.


this link is a debate on the massive decline on the game, but there is no awnser from the GMs ( only one saying they working on it but thats like a KID saying they will build a SKYLINE. )

I dont recomend this to any players there are alot better MMORPG out there. I hope that MiraGames just close the Servers and do something else.




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