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To all MMO game developers, designers, and publishers

UnleadedRevUnleadedRev Boston, MAPosts: 568Member Uncommon

I can honestly and accurately say that after playing PC games for 20 years, that I am ashamed to say that the following is how all you companys design games:

1) Regardless of the great ideas that MIGHT be created by game designers, the publisher weighs the pros and cons of their money investment, and 95% of the time goes with any design ideas that clone from WoW as the safest bet. Despite, the ongoing fail of each and every WoW clone.

2) Any new ideas for MMO design that are outside the box, go thru a gauntlet of scrutiny, and most are shelved as too risky.

3) MMOs are designed around the payment model first, and gimmicks to keep players playing and paying. IMHO there is only one way to keep players paying and playing and that is to INSTEAD design a "good and fun game" players will keep playing and paying without the gimmicks.

4) The same old Dungeons PvE)  and Warzones (PvP) being grinded over and over and over again is a leftover from WoW that new MMOs seem to think we enjoy. Its boring and reduntant (GRIND).

5) Tokens! Its just a gimmick to keep you playing and a feeble attempt to hide the grind.

6) Stop assuming that we will pay for and play any big IP that is released in game form, i.e. Star Wars....despite the millions and millions spent on this game, its biggest hook is that its Star Wars....otherwise same old shit in a different wrapper.

7) Stop deleting negative posts (EA the worst) and face the facts...if yoru game sucks...and removing forum posts will not make the game any better.

Here are some examples of recent PC games that make you say WHY?

Kingdoms of Amalur:

Did we really need yet another single player fantasy role playing game with nothing new except cartoonish graphics and a lame story by RA Salvatore? Cheaper to buy one of his books than blow $59 on this game.


Its John Carmack! Too bad his ground breaking graphics are blurry textures and the game cannot even compare to his old ones.


Its Star Wars! Players will buy it despite the fact we spent millions to create WoW in space!

Diablo 3:

It will be released when its ready? Real Money Auction was not ready until recently, NO PvP, no class balance, and level 60 accounts being hacked left and right because Blizzard has no concept of security....and wont admit you MUST have an authenticator or be hacked at level 60. Seriously, it took them how long to make this simple game of mindless clicking?


Same shit in a different wrapper, its a Asian themed MMO for western audiences (is there really such a thing), with all its stupid looking over used time and time again oversized weapons and exaggerated combat moves. zzzzzzzzzzz

Wrath of Heroes:

Pay to Win arena style PvP on the same 4 maps...need I say more? Better to fix and/or release Warhammer Online 2, than to prove your developers suck so bad they can only create a game based strictly on Team based arena PvP, something that is usually included in most MMOs instead of being removed and made into a stand alone game.

Have I left any out?

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