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Is it just me, or does Storm Legion remind me of Burning Crusade?

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,553Member Uncommon

Storm Legion's theme reminds me of Burning Crusade, the first Expansion from WoW.

I will explain.

Both involve players traveling through a portal,similar to the Dark Portal in WoW.

Crucia and Regulos, lore wise are more badass than Illidan (not so much Kil Jaeden), but Illidan sure beat both of them out on the Badass look.

Illidan is such a loser lower wise, yet looks badass to make up for it, if you dont know his lore, you would never expect that he was so lame.

Crucia is on par with Queen Azshara in terms of badassary

and Regulos is on par with Kil Jaden.

But this expansion reminds me of Burning Crusade, with the Single City theme, and the Dark Portal.

Dont forget all the Air and Death. Reminds me of Space, and Demons like BC was.

not that this is a bad thing. I am looking forward to this expansion. hopefully I can get into beta for it!! yay...

would have liked a few new Races and a new Calling to play, rather than new souls to the previous callings.



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