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Final Fantasy XI. Anyone still play this gem?

missegan24missegan24 asdas, DEPosts: 7Member

I'm not currently playing at the moment. But I have been for about 8 years on and off. The worst part is is that my highest level is only 55 or so :X the game was that hard. I miss this difficulty.

The community in the game was solid. The majority of the people you asked informantion of would give it to you. Especially if you were in a linkshell which was as easy to get as a random guild in WoW.

Why some people might not have liked it was that it might have been TOO hard. After level 10 you couldnt level up solo anymore... at all. Or at least thats how it was back in the day. I dont know how it is now. But you literally had to be afraid walking from city to city until about level 35 or solo. Unless you had a chocobo of course ^_^ but to GET a chocobo you had to walk through level 40 zones at level 20...... You would basically have to 007 you way through the zones trying to not get mauled by the Jungle Tigers that could one shot you by sneezing on you.

It got intense sometimes man.

But does anyone still play? If you think about it, it really aged well. For being made so long ago the graphics still arent THAT bad. Don't get me wrong theyre no where near Tera or something like that. But some people dont play games just for the grahpics. Not to mention it contains the difficulty that people seem to be yearning for recently. 

The interface... No skill bars or anything like that. Some people didnt like it. But this required you to make macros. These were actuallly kind of fun because you can make ou character say something unique when you cast a spell, or remind you and your party of the cooldown of the skill you just used. It helped keep a party together really.

Can someone who still plays on what would be considered a "popular server" tell me what the game is like now? I'd really like to know if they held true to what made the game unique.


Not to mention, since Final Fantasy XIV is failing so hard, Square Enix is still loading ALOT of content updates to the game very regularly.


  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,003Member Uncommon

    Last time I played I had 3 friends who were all 75 in most of the classes. Then the new updates started rolling out. They apparently got really really upset that their gear was rendered useless, and the new updates brought in the new area that you could power level someone from level 30 to 80+ in like a day. Basically making the leveling people did useless. They also limited your time spent in the new area with tickets or something? I'm just trying to say what happened that made my friends leave, I enjoyed it plenty last time I played (8 or so months ago?)

  • missegan24missegan24 asdas, DEPosts: 7Member

    Was the new endgame any good when you got to max level in new expansions? like were the new alliance boseses still good?

  • ant211ant211 surreyPosts: 54Member

    i played ffxi since US release. i remember taking 10 months to hit 75 and that was on WHM which was a job  always easy to find parties with... i loved the difficulty, gaining levels were far between and felt rewarding.

    having levelled 3 jobs back in the day before any exp bonuses, i found the abyssea (new areas) quite fun to see exp that used to take months, now take hours. i levelled from 30-95 in about 16 hours.

    however, the novelty soon wore off and i later felt sad that the game had become so easy and the skill people once required to play is no longer needed...

    i miss the old ffxi.

  • EdwardElrichEdwardElrich Osceola, INPosts: 3Member

    Yep, I'm still playing on the Odin server right now. The game has changed drastically in the past few years. The new Abyssea areas make it so you can level from 30-99 in less than 2 days or one full day if you have the time. I went back a few months ago to check it out, and I ended up really liking a lot of the changes. I have to admit though that for the first few weeks I was lonely in game, but I stuck it out and found a whole new linkshell full of friends who are very helpful.

  • RoinRoin Baltimore, MDPosts: 3,260Member Uncommon

    Yep still playing.  About to hit 99 on DRG (about 30k away).  Alot of people make use of Aby but I prefer not to lean on it too much.  Me and my friend usually duo page burns to level up.  With the two of us duoing we burn pages quick, and with the new changes that happened not sure how long back.  No need to go back to book to get fresh page, just tell it you want to repeat regimen.  If they did that with Aby pages probably would move to burning pages there.

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  • DakeruDakeru Posts: 2,802Member Rare

    Hmm the "tickets" for the new zones would recharge over time and you could actually farm items to decrease the waiting time.

    The armor thing.. yes each time they would increase the level cap by 5 levels they would also release a new set of gear which rendered the previous one more or less useless in comparisment.



    Beautiful description of the game you put there. My first class was white mage as well and I was so glad I had sneak and invisible as available spells. And I miss being 'forced' to join a party to be the dedicated healer. Not long ago I considered checking out who still plays but I realized my client has been corrupted and I don't want to reinstall all that.

    Not to mention I'm done with subscription fees.

  • tollboothtollbooth grants pass, ORPosts: 298Member Common
    Originally posted by Dakeru
    The armor thing.. yes each time they would increase the level cap by 5 levels they would also release a new set of gear which rendered the previous one more or less useless in comparisment.  

    The reason I left right there.  If i wanted vertical gear progression like that i'd just go play wow or something.  Great idea SE take 6 years of work and game time by your players and throw it in the trash to satisfy the people who had less then 6 months of play time.

  • postpwnpostpwn Tustin, CAPosts: 87Member

    I just returned again for literally the 10th time in the past eight years.


    I might stay this time.  FFXI is truly a gem.  Well, it was.

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