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standarization vs specialization......

xaritscinxaritscin CaliMember Posts: 350 Uncommon

this thread is for discussion about a recurring issue in MMOs, for example Lineage II haves a class system where every race has a group of unique classes each with its own skills and behaviors, while in Aion we have just 8 classes that develop from 4 basic ones.

more than discussing the whole Trinity system, the idea is to discuss the pros and cons of standard classes and specializated classes.

and also extend it to the almost forgotten job systems, since this games are just based in combat, with other features, then for games which want to get deep in crafting and economics, such as EVE for example. what would be the pros and cons of an specialized technnology system. i mean, a system where theres specific fields in crafting professions from whom the players can choose.

this as a whole system, thus putting active combat classes as professions (basically they are professions) in the same place with non combat professions, such as smithing, engineering, cooking, and the like. this for creating a whole complex skill system.

the player would just have to decide what wants to learn, this progression of course would be skill-based, since the player isnt focusing in one initial class, instead, the player starts with a bunch of survival skills, and then it studies the options it can choose.

in a nutshell: "character progression using skills and a technnology tree, with freedom to learn any skill but requires leveling by several methods, sometimes grinding, sometimes passive learning, sometimes quests, sometimes doing dungeons, etc..."

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