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Central US players?

norvaknorvak mwc, OKPosts: 53Member
I am considering reactivating my account which has been on free mode shortly after RoG.  I do now know anyone in the game anymore, and after all the server mergers I do not know where to go.
I still have toons on Tyranny and Wiccana.  I would like to play with a guild with members around the CST timezone.  Do any of these exist?


  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon

    I'm in CST and play on Wiccana (toon is 25ish), but have been off for a month or so now.


    I'd be curious too if you find a guild.

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  • norvaknorvak mwc, OKPosts: 53Member

    The game was really fun playing with a group of people, but solo it is boring.

  • WaldoCornWaldoCorn Fort Worth, TXPosts: 232Member Uncommon

    Yeah Ive run into the same problem. There is rumor that at the end of summer/early fall, the three servers will be merged, and when going into a zone, the screen to select normal/epic, will also offer pvp. My guess is this will coincide with the crafting re-vamp.

    If true that should make it better, but honestly even the pop from all three servers doesn't look like it will provide a whole lot in the way of groups for dungeons etc during lvling.

    I think the raids/groups etc for lvl 80 seems to be healthy however, even as it is, tho could be better.

    Personally I wont even consider a sub as it is. Yes a sub would allow me more content, and ability to have more than 2 gold, but still in all soloing the game does not appeal to me. In 7 days of playing 5-8 hrs each day, Iv gotten into 2 groups for sewers and the rest of the time just been screen numb.

    The guild I am in on one server is quite active, but not so much for those who havent reached 80, and this seems to be the norm, as well as preassure to sub, understandably yet annoyingly.

    Some rubberbanding  goes on tho not enough to be a problem, yet disconnects still occur two or three times each day, and I have a good provider, and experience these  rarely if ever on my other games.

    After the large investment I put into the game before and just after release, I am admittedly skeptical. And yes I feel funcom owes me more, to secure my cash.

    That said the game shows promise, but promises are like opinions, everyone has one.


    To add a response to the question of guilds on Tyranny, yes. If you have an 80 you can find game there, in your time zone.

    Wiccana somewhat less.

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