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The Elder Scrolls Online: Team Answers Fan Questions

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,968MMORPG.COM Staff Epic has scored an interview with members of the development team behind The Elder Scrolls Online. Community members were allowed to submit questions that the team took on in this new podcast. So if you're wondering all about TESO, head over for a listen.

Host and cover story author Adam Biessener is joined by GI compatriot Ben Reeves as they pepper Sage and Firor with hard questions about the pressing issues our vigilant community members demand answers on. Either that, or people want to know what kind of mounts are in the game. One of the two.



  • Half_Man_Half_ToonHalf_Man_Half_Toon NO, CAPosts: 156Member

    will check that out for sure I hope they have some gameplay crosses fingers.

  • Xstatic912Xstatic912 New York, NYPosts: 365Member
    Hype for this game will start building in the fall, after those who aren't please with GS2 look for the next game to try...
  • zaylinzaylin Olympia, WAPosts: 794Member Uncommon

    is there a place i can Down load it for my MP3 player?

  • L0C0ManL0C0Man Puerto OrdazPosts: 1,065Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by zaylin
    is there a place i can Down load it for my MP3 player?

    There's an MP3 link on that article.

    Now another question.... is there a transcript available anywhere?. I usually prefer to read instead of listen.

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