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Divinity's Reach: How to Fight a Thief

FinitFinit Smithsburg, MDPosts: 145Member

For full article:

I am continuing my thief series, but this time in the opposite direction.  Instead of helping theives, I thought I  might benefit other professions by exposing the weaknesses of the dreaded, black-hooded foe.


Short Excerpt:

"I feel slightly guilty for betraying some of the secrets of our sacred, black-hooded brotherhood to all you god-fearing, tree-hugging guardians and rangers. However, it must be done for the mental sanity of my non-thief readers.

So, you see a thief.  Naturally, as in most games, these assassins are known as the ganker, the (insert vulgar profanity here), and we are almost always universally hated by everyone. This has been established for several reasons, most of which don't entirely hold true for Guild Wars 2.  We, the thieves of Tyria, do not have permanent stealth, we don't have as many hard and long duration CC's, and we have more viable builds than the repetitive, burst-filled, stealth-based assassin that is seen so commonly in other games."

I later address the general weaknesses of the profession, and even later showcase the strengths/weaknesses of  the common builds you might see in game. 


My Guild Wars 2 Blog can be found here: Divinity's Reach

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