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Brand New Server (Celebration) Opens May 31

brash99brash99 west coast usa, ORPosts: 94Member Uncommon

Might be a good time to try the game (or return!)  as there will be a lot of new pristine land to claim and pioneer. This is a PvE server. From Rolf's announcement:



The new server will be located on the south border of Exodus. The
opening is scheduled at 15.00 hrs CET on the 31st of May and hopefully
everything goes as smooth as I expect. Wish me luck!





  • MaxipadMaxipad Minot, NDPosts: 19Member

    Another server of more of the same crap isn't going to help anything. It's still a really bad game.

  • VetarniasVetarnias Somewhere, QCPosts: 630Member Uncommon
    Once he's made servers accessible from sailing across, there is no way a new one won't quickly be taken over by the same grey faces from the old servers, while newbs will turn the spawn point into a wasteland.
  • ThrashbargThrashbarg lions arch, ORPosts: 125Member

    Opening the new server to the others was a bad move. I would explain why, but who cares anyway?



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