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You and I are not consumers, we're consumable

RekindleRekindle Moncton, NBPosts: 1,206Member Uncommon

I share the same feeling that seems to be on the rise in the community.  There is a growing discourse for the themepark genre. 


Many would call it the WoW burn out effect.  I supose its an accurate enough depiction of the growing discourse for themepark games.  The thing is, for some of us, we've had this feeling for a long time now.  It seems now and only now that the community as a whole is catching up with the general notion that themepark style, WoW inspired games don't have a long shelf life.


I've asked myself for some time now how the industry could support such a wide selection of these style games and I've come to a pretty simple conclusion: we are expendable as consumers because there are vastly more people who support these games than people who express frustrations.

In the old days EQ used to brag about having half a million subs.  Now if a game has half a million subs it can be deemed an absolute failure.  I'm no stats guy but for every 1 player who grows weary of the action bar, click fest WoW styled games there are 10 who would happily buy it.

In fact, having gone the retro route now for a few months I have found that, from a virtual world perspective, games have vastly de-evolved from the first generation.


In gen 1 developers were aiming to create a virtual reality where players and their avatars had a dependance on one another.  All the game developers care about now is the immediate profits associated with mass appeal.


My best advice to you is to keep talking about your likes and dislikes but to a certain point we need to get over ourselves because until an open source project comes along the industry will continue to pump out steaming piles of poo because thats what the masses (remember 10:1) want. 


The latest example of a company selling out and cashing in is the The Elder Scrolls Online project, which has all the halmarks of what I' was just talking about (ps I didn't think Skyrim was all that great a game compared to Morrowind anyway).

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