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Conclave - Retro multiplayer browser D&D

LudipeLudipe AlbacetePosts: 109Member

Conclave is a new browser based game which is very different from typical browser games, there's no energy or anything which limits your actions per day and there isn't a big flashy button to invite friends.

It's like playing a board game, strategy is very important. You can play live if the rest of the party is connected or you can take your time to plan your move. Quests are composed of a couple of battles with some dialogues and different options or paths depending on the party.


Watch the video ---->


It's still in beta and it's being developed by an indie group of just 3 people so right now it's lacking some content but they are listening to players and we'll get more features soon. 


If you decide to play I am trying to form a guild so check it out if you are interested.

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