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Dont think im going to get it back..

NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

I don't think im ever gonna get back that feeling of dungeon crawling in vanilla wow.
Although im eagerly anticipating the secret worlds release i don't think it, or any other mmorpg out there is going to fill the void.

Alot has changed in the mmorpg scene, some..."ideals" which were instilled in me back then no longer hold true to the gamers, and the games of today. Sad but i can accept that. But im pretty sure all hope is lost.

"a group of people band together to overcome huge foes"
"We ventured down into the depths in search of the pirate van cleef.."
"Sure i can help you grind out these last few mobs"
"I had trainwrek tank the other day, hes one of the best tanks on the server"
"Transversing the vast plains of the barrens to reach the sacred caverns.."
"I stood at the feet of the dark temple, the betrayer watching blinded from abroad"

This isnt a pro wow speach, this is just a reminder of a"simpler" time of -
Virtual world with people doing content together..and be immersed.

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