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Poor Moderation in forums

KorgborgKorgborg waldorf, MDPosts: 116Member

Has anyone witnessed really poor moderation on these forums?

Moderators ignore blatent violations and, I guess, depending on individual moderator skill levels, delete the wrong posts or lock threads which shouldn't be locked, issue "scary sounding" warnings etc.  LOL

Are the moderators volunteers?

Do they train them at all?

Who is in charge?


I'm sure they are doing their best, but if you don't agree then

complain here...



If you cut it too short you can always nail a piece on the end.

If you cut it too long then what the hell are you gonna do?


  • illeriller Aspen''s 4th hole, COPosts: 498Member Uncommon

    nvm ...doesn't look like this topic can even be discussed here

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