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I liked it

ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon

I played the game for a bit yesterday and today,i kind of liked it,has great and unique features which are a breath of fresh air considering all the mmorpgs we get nowadays.

If only the fighting wasn't turn based i would subscribe.

EDIT: Aside from the combat, the weapons from the cash shop look like they are p2w.



  • dreamscaperdreamscaper Somewhere, NCPosts: 1,592Member Uncommon

    While I admit I'm only level 10 so far, I can't say I really understand the hate for this game. It's cute, full of character, somewhat sandboxy, and has a lot of interesting systems in the game.


    People on these forums keeping complaining about how they want something different, but when it's there, for some reason it's basically ignored...


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