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TES Politics

LucioonLucioon Palm Harbor, FLPosts: 814Member Uncommon

Thief's Guild, Brotherhood of Assassins, Mercenary's Guild, Mages Guild

Each opening to any race, yet each dealing with the Politics of the world.

This should have been the character factions the world pvp that we should have been given to interact with the setting's turmoil.

Thief's guild , brotherhood of assassins and mercenary's guild and Mage's guild are all spread among each major cities, they all have sub guilds in every major city and major factions.

Each Sub Guild could have their own guild master picked among the players that joined them. And each could pledge Allegiance to a NPC king. Thief's guild could be on stealing information from opposing factions, and Assassin could be on assassinations, and mercenaries could be on the fighting fronts. And Mage guild on research and support.

All we have to have is an build in AI on Factions that they would move at an certain pace, with helps from these individual guilds, they would take over certain cities. Assassinations, battles, spies.

The cities that gets taken over, all we had to do is change the banners, and change the lords of the cities.

Just by adding these items, the world becomes alive, and our actions actually shapes the world we play in.

If a certain factions gets taken over eventually, we will have resistances just like Skyrim, or we can have treaties that stops all movements of the armies and sends them back to their ports. Until a certain time passes.

In Short: The world moves about without our interactions, with our interactions and actions, the world changes. Making each server an individual world with different outcomes.

Fans might not like it because I havent figure out how to get someone to join all guilds, but I hope this might start a train of thoughts that builds from this idea. I find that it has potential to be an good Sandpark mechanic.


Life is a Maze, so make sure you bring your GPS incase you get lost in it.

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