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PyscoJuggalo's take on The Elder Scrolls Online

PyscoJuggaloPyscoJuggalo Chicago, ILPosts: 1,114Member Uncommon

Yeah I don't give two craps about my opinion either.  But though I am a no name stroke, at least I saved you the annoyance of having to watch a stupid YouTube video where I talk my nonsense.

Anyway, here is my take, like you give two craps!



Why the hell do develoers get the rights to a video game IP to make a MMORPG based on that videogame, and then totally make a game that is only tangentially based upon that game?


Elder Scrolls, rather sandboxy, a game you can do whatever the hell you want.  So what do these tools do?  They make a theme park game.

Restrictive 3 Alliance PVP, classes, No theft/Assassination, no player housing, EQ1/WoW combat system, can't be a vampire/werewolf, "can't" do many things because they "have" to make the game play like WoW.  Well what the eff was the point of getting theElder Scrolls liscense when you don't want to make an Elder Scrolls game?

Wait I know, what the MMORPG genre has really advanced in in the last 10 years since WoW revolutionalized this aspect of MMORPGs, MARKETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is what we are being sold, that is what we have been sold since WoW's Marketing success.

This game is just going to be all hype, just like STOR was, just like WAR was, just like LOTR was, just like every piece of crap MMORPG we have been served since WoW's worthless carcass ruined the Genre with Blizzard's billion dollar marketing budget!  Oh I am sure many fools will buy the box/downlod of the client, and maybe in the first 6 monts ESO will have a million subs?  But after that 6 months?  No more subs Free to play, Pay 2 Play crap that MMORPGs have all become.

Oh ESO will make their money off of rubes who buy into shiny marketing, shiny marketing works.  Worked really well for WoW, brought in new players to the genre who don't even know what EQ1 is.  But will the game last a decade? Will the game last 5 years, 3 years?  I doubt it...

ESO will be a failure to MMORPG fans, but an economic success for how many initial units it sells.  That is the sad thing, the MMORPG genre has become the Single Player Game genre.


There is my nonsense, AKA my take.

--When you resubscribe to SWG, an 18 yearold Stripper finds Jesus, gives up stripping, and moves with a rolex reverend to Hawaii.
--In MMORPG's l007 is the opiate of the masses.
--The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence!
--CCP could cut off an Eve player's fun bits, and that player would say that it was good CCP did that.


  • iceman00iceman00 Westland, MIPosts: 1,363Member

    The issue isn't that it plays like WoW.  A game with no quest hubs and 3 way pvp isn't going to feel like WoW.  The problem is that the game plays it safe in just about everything.  All the things the fans love about the Elder Scrolls, they are told "we can't make this into an MMO format, because people wouldn't be comfortable with it."

    Quite honestly, I still remember when TES knocked me out of my "comfort zone" with Oblivion.  Yup, I didn't get to do Morrowind until afterwards.  I was a late comer to the TES series.  The game just sounded interesting, and I bought it on a whim.  And I committed my first murder by accident, only to have Lucien appear out of nowhere and offer me a greater life of contract killing.  So I reloaded, waited until later, and killed a different person, and the same thing happened.  That's when I realized this game had a lot more freedom than I was used to, and it was time to go buck wild.

    MMO gamers are a rather fickle lot nowadays.  We are in our "comfort zone" and we flipping hate it.  SW:TOR was nothing else if not comfortable in today's MMO industry, and look where that got it.  People want something else.  What they want may differ, but we are getting to the point where people will suck up and devour anything slightly new and innovative, as long as the game actually works.  (That's the hard part.)

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