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G4 Review on Tera

SnakexSnakex Dana Point, CAPosts: 315Member Uncommon


A nice review, i liked the last section =]

"It may be time to move to Tera

As I mentioned before, MMOs usually fail to hold my interest for long. Whether it’s the gameplay or repetitive quests, I’m back to other games in no time. However with TERA, I may have found a game to keep me busy for the foreseeable future. The combat is fun and intuitive, the story is fresh, and the monsters are truly monstrous. Now if I could just find a pair of pants for my Slayer, I’d be set."


P.S: I did not do the review.


  • SalendrakSalendrak Hillsboro, ORPosts: 7Member

    Con: "Every female character looks a little, well, slutty"

    One man's con is another man's pro ;-)

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