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The Never-Ending Review.

HeavyTrafficHeavyTraffic Austin, TXPosts: 54Member

It's so unfair to review any MMORPG before the month is even out.  We all know that a game can rock at lvl 10 and suck thereafter or just the opposite.  I've been amazed at some titles but quickly got bored with them.


I'm hoping to start a thread of people reviewing the game as they level.  Please tell us what level you currently are, and what class you play and how the game is looking in this snapshot of time.  We won't get mad if you go on and on about how much you love it and then a month later realize you hate it.  That's sort of the point. 


If you hate it, tell us why!  I think we've evolved enough to know we're not all going to like the same stuff and to not take it personally so here we go:



Level 22 Priest.


I'm loving it.  The combat really threw me for a loop at first.  You don't have nearly as many skills as a normal MMORPG usually has early on.  This would actually make the early leveling boring if it weren't for the superb graphics.  I'm talking FPS graphics.  Single player RPG graphics.  They are beautiful as is the ambient sound and music.  Still, you don't have all that many skills and they build slowly. 

The community is extremely active which is not always the best thing, but if you have sense enough to block/ignore people who irritate you, you'll find a very fun community underneath it all.  People are friendly and helpful for the most part.  That certainly won't last for long so enjoy it now.


I've made myself several crafted pieces of gear and they are generally slightly ahead of what you would get in normal leveling, but I don't see them selling. Quest reward gear is close enough.  If there is no end game, I'm probably wasting my time crafting.  We'll see.



So far so good.  I actually 'lose time' when playing this game which I have not done in a very, very long time.  That feeling that it's probably about 11pm and it's really 3am.  Scary.






  • spiralpenspiralpen CorkPosts: 36Member

    Ment to reply to this earlier but I got sidetracked. Good review, I like that your gonna keep it updated so please do :) What level are you now?? how do you like the healing? I myself love it

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