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Legend of Mir 3: The West Desert Update

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Quality Games has just notified us of the following update about a new playing area coming to Legend of Mir 3:

The West Desert Update

The land of mir3 is about to expand with a whole new playing area soon to be uncovered.

As of March the 3rd the next installment of the massively multiplayer game Legend of Mir 3 will be publicly available. The west desert patch is near completion and should finish final testing within the week. We are applying this new update which will contain among many things a whole new world area for players to explore. The new patch will open up a whole new storyline and a variety of new quests to immerse the player in the windswept desert lands of Mir 3. We have planned a whole host of player interactive events to involve the players in group activities.

The patch brings eight new monsters into the fray which players will encounter on their travels through the desert planes. There are 10 vast new maps giving players a whole scope of playing areas to explore. Also there is a whole host of improvements to the existing structure and content of the game.

The introduction of the new buddy system has seen many players receiving their free game time for referring a friend. The buddy system could not be an easier way to earn free game time and make new friends. When a new player signing up for an account names an existing player as their buddy, by filling in their email address, they will be credited with 5 days free game time.

On top of all this stands our unmatched Customer Support Service, our advisors are always ready to answer any question, every day of the year. You can send us an email or call us and we guarantee you'll get an incredibly swift answer.

We aim to continue our unparalleled levels of support by providing new content and working hand in hand with the Community.

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  • WagnardWagnard MoscowPosts: 21Member

    Well, I guess this so called "update" isn't really going to change anything. I spent a couple of hours playing Legend of Mir 3 (Open Beta) and couldn't see any difference between it and its "ancestor" Legend of Mir 2.

    Speaking of Legend of Mir 2, I was stupid enough to pay for entire year of that "amusing" gameplay. Still, no sooner than 6 months passed, I got bored to death and gave my account away. There were no decent quests at all, very few kinds of armor and weapons, as well as skills.

    There're some other funny aspects to mention - like being promised free transfer to "Evil's Illusion" (which is exactly what they now sell as LoM 3) for like a year and to no avail, of course.

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