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Okay I'm Impressed!

nate1980nate1980 Evans, GAPosts: 1,873Member Uncommon

I bought Tera on launch day and have played around 5 hours since then. I wasn't impressed, and I was afraid the combat would be too complicated for me. I also had an issue with getting billed for 1 month. I also didn't seen why everyone was raving about the graphics.


1. As I steadily progressed through the noob island, I was having more fun in Tera and I was starting to look forward to my time in the game.

2. I lost all my lvl 20 abilities I had in the prologue, and the game introduced abilities at a good pace so that I became comfortable with them by the time I got a new one.

3. I'm having more fun with Tera's combat than I have in past MMORPG's, because you have to react to what the enemy is doing.

4. Once I left the starter Island I was blown away by the graphics. Everything looks amazing, and my new leather jerkin for my Archer looks like a piece of gear you'd get late game in other MMORPG's.

5. En Masse quickly resolved my billing issue and refunded my money.

Overall, I'm impressed with the game. Time will tell if I'll stick with the game long term, but as of right now I look forward to playing it as much as I do LoL.

See you in Feral Valley. My Archers name is Kanosi if you want to look me up.


  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXPosts: 1,241Member Uncommon

    Glad you're having a good time. I got a few of my friends into the game as well. It's always funny to hear their reaction when traveling from the newbie island to the main town. They are all surprised at how much better the art design looks once leaving the newbie island. I recommend people play to level 25-30, and then determine if they like the game. That way you've done your first dungeon, and you have a decent amount of core abilities. You've also had the opportunity to see a few of the game areas, and fight some decent BAMs, and maybe even PvP depending on what server you rolled your character on. Anyway - hope you enjoy it!

  • kebekebe middleburg, FLPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    yea about the same for me I hated it at first ,the controls sucked could not get used to the play style ,but as I played a little more I did get used to every thing and now I love it

    like you say may not play it for ever but as of now it's great


  • SephastusSephastus New Brunswick, NJPosts: 455Member Uncommon

    Very happy you are enjoying yourself OP. Next step for you is to get involved with a good guild so that eventually you can participate in the Vanarchy system and the upcoming GvG, when that time comes.

    Bright future ahead of those that enjoy this style of combat!

  • nate1980nate1980 Evans, GAPosts: 1,873Member Uncommon
    Isn't gvg already in? I see messages every day saying this guild beat that one.
  • VikingGamerVikingGamer Nowhere, TXPosts: 1,348Member Uncommon

    gvg is only on the pvp servers right now. it is non-consentual there of course. one guild declares on the other and the defending guild can fight or surrender.

    They are working on putting a modified form of gvg on the pve servers. There, of course, they will have to make it so that the defending guild has to accept the war. More like two guilds dueling. It is because of these changes and needing to avoid exploits and griefing on PvE that it is taking a while.

    All die, so die well.

  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    I'm glad you are getting used to it and enjoying yourself, it's usually something that grows on people and as you get more skills you just become happier and happier as combat speed picks up, then glyphs just make it all the more better.


    Also I must say, the environments and armors just keep getting better and better as you progress.




  • SharessSharess Victoria, BCPosts: 293Member Uncommon

    I am also very impressed with the game as a whole. I find it even more enjoyable when with a group of friends or a guild to run things like dungeons, smash bam quests out when people aren't willing to group for them, or just a fun place to browse guild forums or hang on vent :)

    Popolin is a little dark/gritty *think Game of Thrones vs typical fantasy* and zones therefter flourish with beauty or reign with destruction. Also this game has a cool fire aspect, where you can see the heat waves in the environment as you run by lava. VERY well done.

    Here is a screenshot of me and a few friends at the entrance of Sinistral Manor (26 dungeon - very creepy)

    Had to resize picture.

    We have been doing an amazing job with our vanarchy promises ingame. We have one of the more active zones and are looking at ways to give back to the playerbase that has supported us throughout our reign. We are also looking for active mature members. Check out our website @


    Sharess Dragonstar - Midgard
    Grievance is recruiting.
  • nerrollusnerrollus Guthrie, OKPosts: 214Member

    I tried it during beta and fricking hated it. I don't think I put in more than 30 minutes.

    For some crazy reason I bought it the other day to give it a try and now I love it. Been playing an archer and already up to almost 40. It's a fun game, with a lot of interesting features.

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