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Rappelz: Log In Event Begins

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 19,963MMORPG.COM Staff Rare

The Rappelz team has announced that in preparation for the June release of the Reanimation expansion, there will be a log-in event on all servers for the next three weeks.

  • May 9 to June 3: Double your experience every day you play with free Stamina Savers. Plus, receive a free permanent loot pet and earn a chance to win an item from the Grand Prize pool! See details below.

  • May 9 to May 15: Boost your pet’s experience by logging in to win 5 Animal Crackers

  • May 16 to May 22: Protect your weapons from breaking with five E-protects

  • May 23 to June 3: Win 5 more E-Protects and Animal Crackers by logging in all seven days

Find out more on the Rappelz site.


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  • RedKatanaRedKatana Philadelphia, PAPosts: 211Member

    This game is dead I just checked it to see if any comments but was 0 all day long lol

  • gilgamesh42gilgamesh42 tampa, FLPosts: 300Member

    rappelz is not dead its one of the longest standing f2ps

  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer ChairPosts: 6,924Member Rare

    Originally posted by gilgamesh42
    rappelz is not dead its one of the longest standing f2ps

    It's not dead, but the population is shrinking.

    "The Sith attacks!"
                --everyone who's not a Sith.
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