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Any chance they might add a shapeshifter/druid and paladin class at some point? :)

bronecarbronecar onestiPosts: 685Member

What do you guys think?

Is it a reasonable expectation?


  • AoriAori Carbondale, ILPosts: 3,361Member Rare

    I don't know about a paladin because of the templar merc, we'll see on that. Shapeshifter is a high possibility, though may not be added until an expansion.

  • KostKost Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,975Member Common

    I'd really like to see Paladin back in the mix, it's the one thing that feels off to me about the game.


  • AtrusVAtrusV Posts: 305Member Uncommon

    Maybe the shapeshifter will be a new skill for the witch doctor. But in any case they won't add the paladin because it's more or less implemented between the Monk and the Templar companion

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