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New Text Based MMO

SpeedixxSpeedixx AdelaidePosts: 2Member

I don't know if this was the right spot? I hope so. 


For anyone that like the simple, friendly, competitive yet free and easy to play, maybe try checking out this game.



"Game Link

Signup is free, playing for life is free, you need only give your email, and we only use that to verify your account or contact you about your account if you cannot login (normally we use the in-game messaging system to contact you). We will never send you spam or give out your email to anyone without your permission! There are options to donate if you want to.

Browser Requirements: We use strictly flat HTML and Javascript. We do not use any Flash, Java, or Silverlight. You shouldn't ever have to download anything to be able to play.

The Gist

You are given 15 energy every hour and you spend that energy battling monsters and players, working for gold, mining, wandering around in the forest, and many other things.


We've got 6 classes to choose from:

  • Warrior (strong attack skills)

  • Guardian (high defense and hp)

  • Pirate (gets more loot)

  • Ninja (faster, can dodge atttacks)

  • Gladiator (armor is more effective and requirements are lessened)

  • Monk (Cheaper healing costs, levels up faster)

As you level up your class your skills level up with you.


You have three basic stats, Strength, Endurance, and Dexterity.

  • Strength affects your base damage output (but so does your weapon!)

  • Endurance affects your base defense

  • Dexterity affects how fast you are, you can get up to three hits on your opponent before they can react.

As you level up your character you can spend points into each stat however you like.


We have lots of monsters to battle with varying stats. Each monster can have a full set of armor and weapons available to it, as well as up to two battle skills. Every monster also has an elemental status, which you can use to your advantage to destroy it faster. Sometimes they drop armor, sometimes they drop gems or other commodities. They always drop gold and exp.


One of our main features is player vs. player battling. You can join a clan and dominate, or go it alone and pick off any targets you want. You don't always know what a player is wearing, or what weapon they have equipped, though there are means of finding out, so sometimes battling is a gamble. Players are revived every two hours automatically, but you can also spend some gold to heal sooner.

Weapons and Armors

We have a dizzying array of weapons and armors to choose from. Some items can only be worn by certain classes, most items have en element. We also provide ways to improve their stats by 'socketing' them with precious gems. You can increase damage/defense, make the weapon earn you more gold or exp, or just rename it to whatever you like. When you attack, your weapon name is used in battle allowing you to customize your opponents distress.

Other Features

Some other features include:

  • Gamewide Live Chat System: Send private messages, talk to anyone in the game, live, or join us in the contest channel from time to time for fun giveaways and mini chat-games. We also have something like 251 different smileys, a swearfilter (replaces swearwords with 'smurf'), and many other options.

  • Open Trading System: Trade most items with anyone you want.

  • Standard forums: You know, forums, for communicating, basic stuff there. If you join a clan you get a special sub-forum just for that clan.

  • Towns and Locations: We currently have three big towns, Cape Almeir (A city by the ocean), Khaviern (A city in the mountains), and Fairlyn (A forest city) with lots of shops and fun, interesting locations.

  • Friendly Staff: Our staff members are almost always available and are always willing to help new players and litigate any player issues that may arise. If ever you have a problem with a specific staff member, report it! We take great care to make sure our staff act as they should.

  • Help Archives: Here you can find help articles about many facets of the game, as well as a beginners guide and quest to get you started.

There's lots more to the game, tarot cards, precious gems, evil wizards you throw you out of towers, references to anything imaginable, hidden locations, deep deep mines, a woman with a large chest, the Combat Wombat (I dare you to not say 'aww' when you see him), but I don't want to spoil everything for you.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the game and I will try to answer all of them.

I thank you for your time and consideration."



  • xr00t3dxxr00t3dx Norcross, GAPosts: 275Member

    Now if we could just get it in a color we can read....

  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,352Member Uncommon

    Im playing Sryth and although its not MMORPG, adventures there are very well written and world is great. Give it a go if you love text games

  • SpeedixxSpeedixx AdelaidePosts: 2Member

    lol No idea why it was black. :3


    Create you own thread please. Thanks. 


    At least join up, check out the chat, people there can help you further.

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