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Who thought this game was a good idea? Is this game actually a last ditch attempt?

//\//\oo//\//\oo MalboroughPosts: 2,767Member

"Let us scrap all of the characteristics that made the ES series a success i.e. isolate the targeted audience."

"Let us make a product in a saturated market with more direct competition than you can shake a stick at; most of it being f2p/b2p."

"Let us not innovate at all, given that most MMO players are experiencing diminishing marginal utility as shown by SWToR, Rift and other releases that have launched and converged to f2p with barely acceptable/unacceptable returns"


There are games that hype themselves to no end and end up simply not meeting the competitions' standard like SWToR, then there are games that don't even try to hype themselves, since they realize that they already have failed and will just try to do the best with what they've already heavily invested in as it makes economic sense to do so.

I think that ESO is in the latter category and will not even be a blip on the radar before it's extinguished.



The bigger question is: Who the hell thought of and designed this game? Why would a publisher like Bethesda screw up like this when they have been known to deliver outstanding quality (albeit with some bugs) and innovation? Where was the oversight in all of this?



Now this part is mindless speculation, but it seems like the development team attempted to bite off more than they could chew (sort of implied by the article posted with things being "too difficult to implement") and had to scrap what they had done entirely for the first few years of the project.

So they were left with little choice but to use the hero engine, or possibly remnants from another game that used it, in order to somehow bring out something and avoid losing their jobs.


Am I way off base, or does anybody else see the pink part as being a distinct possibility?






This is a sequence of characters intended to produce some profound mental effect, but it has failed.


  • delimeat567delimeat567 Iowa City, IAPosts: 56Member

    I think all developers tend to bite off more than they can chew at the onset of developing a video game. But the few details we have about ESO are extremely underwhelming so far. I don't know how many games are using the Hero Engine, but SWTOR is the only one I can think of - and the environment produced in SWTOR is outrageously boring (not talking about the gameplay or the combat here, more just talking about the general feel of the worlds you are on). I can't imagine a world as vibrant and alive as the one portrayed in Oblivion and Skyrim being as stale as Alderaan and Coruscant (in SWTOR).

    Now, it could all be an attempt to discourage rampant hype as was evidenced with SWTOR pre-release, but the massive underwhelming features we  have been told about have more or less turned (some, like myself) gamers completely away from ESO, rather than reduce hype.

    It seems wrong to judge it so soon, seeing as we have only known about it for a few days, but ESO so far sounds like a very poorly made game trying to cash in on the Elder Scrolls series rather than improve it in any way. 

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