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Finally, a good upcoming fps mmo.

RealbigdealRealbigdeal Vimont, QCPosts: 1,666Member Uncommon

In, before derping myself down. Don't call me dumb, i know exactly where teso is heading. I'm just leaving the kind of post i would make if TESO was a real TESO with fps gameplay and everything that made us love TES since arena to skyrim.


Finally, a good upcoming fps mmo developed by an AAA team. Where fallen earth failed, lets hope teso will carry on. immersion is what we want, so lets hope there won't be any type of BG's or arena's in our world of tes. saddly, there will be 3 factions. I always prefer to chose my partner and be wary to anyone else.

I mostly wonder, what it will be like to join the guilds like in the old games: the fighters, mages, dark brotherhood... The death penalties, what will it be? Mix all this with the wildernes zones from runescape and it will be total chaos between the true warriors out there.


thats all i have to say. pretend that you heard nothing about what teso will be and dream on. Its the best i can do for now beside hating what teso will really be.

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  • zevni78zevni78 grimsbyPosts: 1,120Member Uncommon

    You're only making it worse.


    We all see the possibilities, and maybe another mmo project will be able to achieve something like this, but not for awhile I guess.


    Bottom line, we now have another decade, decade and a half to wait before we get a TES mmo.


    Maybe it’s for the best, much of the technology needed to do such an mmo isn’t quit there yet, yes it would have been best if they had waited a few years before really trying a TES mmo, but this way it should be more than possible when the licence is free again.

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