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What Elder Scrolls MMO means to me

TheonenoniTheonenoni Lexington, VAPosts: 279Member


It means that devs have not learned a thing for 10 years.  Still sticking to the same old formula.  Skyrim was really bad because it  lacked some things that Oblivion had that made Oblivion worth playing.


 This MMO will definitely flop because the devs even said they weren't confident in making it.  Its like the FPS genre. Everything has to be exactly like CoD.

In the MMO genre  everything has to be like WoW( i say that because everyone thinks WoW was the first MMO). The new way to get quests should be like when you walk near an NPC it will tell you to go somewhere and do something in verbal standard. Just like in GW2. 

In my opinion this MMO will be a huge step backward from where GW2 will set the new standard.   I'm sure the majority of treadmill MMO games and gamers alike cannot adapt to GW2's formula since most players think that the Heart quests are the only things you do outside of town. That is clearly not the case.  

So will I ever give Elder Scrolls MMO a chance? No. Definitely not. 

-I am here to perform logic

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