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An great example of Guild Wars 2 dynamic events differ from Rift's rift and Warhammer's public quest

ictownictown iowa city, IAPosts: 123Member

Please watch this video and kudos to CaraEmm for uploading this fantastic example.

I've read few complaints where players running around and do renown hearts and w/e events that occurred around the area of being under-leveled or its just killing mobs to finish an event. Most would just go on the map and locate the hearts and run off thinking the area was finished when in fact most of the time it wasn't. Basically our mindset set up as 'people just killing monsters and run off to next area and acted like this is just a quest.' and I was one of them, lol.

Next time, I suppose I should follow the dev's statment about " hanging around to see what happens next."

edit:fixed spelling errors.

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