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im a noob need help how to recieve the pet in aion

adikz2009adikz2009 yokkaichiPosts: 4Member

i had done all the steps of the free giveaway pet for aion, but i dont know how to get the pet. should i wait for mail in game? tyvm!


  • TerrorizorTerrorizor Red Beer, ABPosts: 326Member

    try being patient enough for people to respond to your comments before making a new thread and you might realize your question gets answered.

  • Faires6Faires6 BremenPosts: 14Member

    I don't know, did you try to contact the Aion-Support team?? :I


    get a Ticket there and they  could help you ^.^


    Or just use the adopt funct. in the capitals and buy regular pets (or in aion shop) They're awesome as well but expensive!! ^^

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