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Vague Combat Description in ESO or am I missing something?

ComafComaf Chicago, ILMember Posts: 1,149 Uncommon

So I read at this particular site about Elder Scrolls Online and then I saw the combat info:


They stated that the combat system will not be in actual time.  However, players have a stamina bar, which they will depend on when engaging in various evasion techniques (i.e., spring, block, breaking stun effects, etc).  Whoever wears the other person down, "wins."


Granted, I am paraphrasing since the GMs here ask that we don't copy paste info.  But after reading the blurb at the address above, does anyone have a clue as to just what their combat system is about?  How would this affect a mage, for example.  I cannot imagine what I see as complex combat occuring when you have 3 factions at each other's throats in a pvp zone.  Seems complicated.  Perhaps I've missed the obvious.


Thank you.



  • warchantwarchant Rancho Santa Margarita, CAMember Posts: 69

    That's what I was just asking in another thread..


    I can't even begin to imagine that the description could be literal. The only thing I can guess is that the term, not play out in real time, must be the writers attempt to explain that the stamina system will be used to reduce the effect of lag on the results of combat.



  • ComafComaf Chicago, ILMember Posts: 1,149 Uncommon

    Yeah - it is strange, and I've scoured the web to try to find an answer.  Oh well, for all we know it was mistyped in some way anyway hehe.

  • TranquillitiTranquilliti PerthMember Posts: 29

    Vague combat description: Tab-target faceroll rubbish. "traditional" themepark style. 

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