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What makes an Elder Scrolls Game

dontadowdontadow Detroit, MIPosts: 996Member Uncommon

So what makes an Elder Scroll game? 

I have been playing Elder Scroll since Arena. Since I walked in a game store saw someting that looked fantasy and just bought it, and was floored by the level of depth it had for its time.  I've played every one since.  In the beginning of the MMO craze, when final fantasy came out with their MMO, i wished that I could play with others in Elder Scroll.  But as one game became the blueprint for all others, I hoped this day would never come. 

Elder Scroll is so unique, it has so many different features, that it is the single player antimmo.  People play this game because it doesnt have the issues that come with most MMOs.  What makes an Elder Scroll to me

1. I can go anywhere and find adventure and quests and perform them without the need to be a specific level

This is the biggest thing. I am not barred anywhere because of my level. Yeah, this means super rats at level 50, but it also means that no matter where I go I am challenged.  There are 2 theories that can fix this. One is toe follow GW2's system and have everyone level down (and in this case up) to the challenge.  Making leveing primarily a skill growth thing as opposed to an incredibl increase. Another is to develop a system where each encounter is balanced for the party it is fighting.  For instance if the average of the group is 10 then it's a 10th encounter.  Perhaps some kind of kickup system will allow players to equal out to the lowest level of the party player.  So far we havn't heard anything about this and we've been told traditonal system. 

It needs the ability ot go into any dungeon at any time, whether you have the quest or not, but it still needs the quest to exist for the dungeon.  The great thing I loved about Skyrim was doing a dungeon and then finding stuff and story elements later on, then presenting it to the NPC later.  Phasing and instanced dungeons can do this.  Elder Scroll would be a fairely awful game if everytime u wnet into some unknown tomb there were 8 parties already there camping it.  

It also sounds like you are forced to do the main storyline in this game, that being the kingdom is divided into 3 warring factions.  Elder Scrolls have always been about option.  I don't even know when I started the split faction game from Skyrim. But in this game it sounds like from the get go I'm thrown into a PVP war game.  

2. The ability to do anything you want when you want to, but not have it happen to you. 

This is what I feel a lot of people are misinformed about in Elder Scrolls. Elder Scroll would be a farely boring and awful game if everywhere you went you were attacked by townfolk or someone.  It's a game where you reap what you sow. Get caught stealing and killing and yeah, the guards will be after you. But you are not "forced" to play this game.  I"ve never played this character in Elder Scroll.  A PVP system, as announced, seems to implicate that they are forcing everyone to play this game.  Not only that, normal folk will be the suffering of ganking.  This alienates a good many of the actual Elder Scroll Players. 

Of course, this could be fixed.  You could make NPCs attackable and thievable, and only players who perform these functions and get caught get flagged for PVP.  This would give the true Elder Scroll feeling and insure that the game allows you to play all the styles you normal play 

3. Elder Scroll allows you to have an MMOrpg experience without people who hate RPGs 

I've said this a billion times as I log in the 100th hour of Skyrim. I don't have to deal with "mob ganking" and "kill 10 of these".  Skyrim quests are deeper.  Rescue the kingdom, retrieve the artifact find my sword, rescue the kingdom.  It is all about immersion, role playing.  THe MMORPG world is divided into people who like MMORPGs and people who don't realize that they don't like MMORPGs, but are looking for an MMOSTrategy or war game.  Or, don't like the RPG elements of MMORPGs.

You would have to downgrade the elder scroll experience or make a niche game that fans of elder scroll would love.  

4. I like to make my own class

I've always been able to customize my class in Elder Scroll.  I loved my conjuration heavy armor mace and shield guy.  It's unique to me.  They would have to steal and greatly redefine the system from Secret World to get this in.  But it can be done. Unfortunately with what wasannounced, it doesntsound like they are going that route.  

Thus I have strong doubts about this game.  What else makes an Elder Scroll game? Could they pull it off? 

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