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What is a good cpu for my price.

charlespaynecharlespayne greater manchesterPosts: 370Member Uncommon

Hi all im wondering if anyone could help me look for a good system for the price, I dont want AMD as i had amd all the time and i desided to change to intel,

But i got 600 pound and im looking for a good motherboard and cpu for high end gaming, I want to liquid cool it and overclock it,

I already got the mem and 3 geforce 560 Ti cards and 16GB of ddr3 1600, but my old system is am3 with phenom 2 965,

I also got 15 yrs of computer engineering experiance and at the moment im in the middle of building my own liquid cooled desk that will be all in 1, it will have 6 tripple fan radiators and the motherboard will be submerged in mineral oil, Im also haveing 3 gpu coolers made to allow the liquid to flow through but at moment i just need a good board and cpu, there is just so many choices right now.

Thanks for any help.


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,354Member Epic
    You should list exactly which parts you already have that you're planning to keep.  List everything:  case, power supply, optical drive, whatever you've got.
  • boikymarboikymar Rocklin, CAPosts: 60Member
    An Intel i5 3570k is the CPU you want. Combine that with any Z77 motherboard and you're good.
  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,541Member Rare

    I think you may still want to consider Sandy Bridge if your wanting to really overclock it hard. All reports from IB say it's faster stock, but heats up quickly as you overvolt them, and that SB's OC to higher clocks (and at the far end of overclocking, can possibly take the performance edge back, although just barely).

    All in all, IB is arguably a better CPU, except for high end overclocking.

    I would also question why you would go and put 3 mid-tier cards into a "high end" system.

    All of those radiators won't make your system run any cooler either. One triple radiator is usually rated around 1000W of dissipation (heavily dependent on what fans you use though), and that is enough to cool a CPU with an extreme overclock, and a pair of top-end GPU's with good overclocks, on ambient air. 3 of them is... redundant. As is the mineral oil bath, which looks cool and all, but can make a huge mess, especially while your tinkering with components.

  • charlespaynecharlespayne greater manchesterPosts: 370Member Uncommon

    Is this a good board Asus P8Z77-V Intel Z77 Socket 1155 Ivybridge Ready Motherboard, also what is best cpu,

    Intel CPU Core i7 3770K Quad Core IvyBridge, or Intel CPU Core i7 3820 Quad Core,

    Also board for the 3820 Asus P9X79 Pro Intel X79.

    Also reason with the GPU's as i already had them in my old system that was a phenom 2 965.

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