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  • f0dell54f0dell54 Des Moines, IAPosts: 329Member Common
    Really? Mines 25 GB
  • shenfreyshenfrey LeicesterPosts: 108Member Uncommon

    Thought it was odd. My hard-drive filled up during install, and instead of deleteing the files its self or at the very least writing over them or maybe even checking to see what was installed and what wasn't, it decided to install it all over again seperately. 


    Great, I sure hope the game isn't this buggy and unpolished! 

  • RefMinorRefMinor MyTownPosts: 3,452Member Uncommon
    What do you expect, the breast graphics alone are 4GB 
  • Deron_BarakDeron_Barak Portland, ORPosts: 1,136Member
    That's not a bug, that's the size of the download. It's hi res textures mixed with a year and a half if content updates. I'm not sure where the 25G came from. Must not have played in a while or looking at the Initial install file

    Just not worth my time anymore.

  • Deron_BarakDeron_Barak Portland, ORPosts: 1,136Member
    Actually I stand corrected. Mine is 25G. Could it be you downloaded both EU and NA clients and your comp is confusing the two? If not I would click "tools" on the launcher and select "repair instal".

    Just not worth my time anymore.

  • gorro187gorro187 Posts: 215Member Uncommon
    Do any of you happen to have a head start buddy key? Id like to try the game.
  • Sint-NiklaasPosts: 828Member Uncommon

    Mine is 25GB as well.

    But I think it grows to huge volumes during download and installation. So perhaps your client is still in that process, or it didn't remove the part it's suposed to remove.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,010Member Uncommon
    There used to be a bug during patching where it wouldn't detect any of your files so you ended up with double or close to that of files. But that was a really long while back, I re installed and it's 25 gigs flat right now.
  • mdkmanmdkman AlvestaPosts: 108Member Uncommon
    I had 45GB diskspace, but during install my diskspace ran out of space and i had to delete files to be able to install it. Now the  map is at 25GB
  • otacuotacu BolzanoPosts: 547Member Uncommon
    Nah it's only 25gb. I think it's fair. Maybe you messed up a bit.
  • outfctrloutfctrl Jacksonville, FLPosts: 3,619Member Uncommon
    If you read the info on the site, it says that it needs 25 gigs to unpack and 25 gigs to install at first.


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