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Pirate 101: The Classes Preview

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 3,207 Epic

We recently traveled to the KingsIsle Studios for a sneak peek at what the team has been working on to build on the wild success of Wizard101. We've got an exclusive preview of the classes coming in their next game: Pirate101. Check it out!

Pirate 101 has five classes for players to choose from. Each class gives the player different options in combat. Don’t worry about choosing something and not having the other options available: remember your pirate crew will always be there to back you up. The game has both ranged and melee combat. There are classes that have some magic abilities as well. Pirate 101 keeps true to its storyline with some great names for what a character can play.

Read more of Garrett Fuller's Pirate101: The Classes Preview.


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  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOMember Posts: 2,732 Uncommon

    Hmmm, steampunk pirates? Taking a few queues from Skies of Arcadia, perhaps?


    Color me intrigued.


    Main "reveal article" forum is locked, btw.

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  • pacman1015pacman1015 AucklandMember Posts: 1
    Wizarad 101 will always be better
  • miststalkermiststalker Granite City, ILMember Posts: 4 Common

    pacman1015 i totally agree with you it might come close but i dont think they will ever surpass wozard .

  • miststalkermiststalker Granite City, ILMember Posts: 4 Common

    i ment wizard sorry for the typo

  • LouGarou65LouGarou65 port arthur, TXMember Posts: 1
    mastered wiz 101 so many times i need a good fight,, bring it king isle!
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