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Lord of the Rings Online: Screenshot of the Week: Special LOTRO Anniversary Edition!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,164Administrator Rare

This week we have a very special Screenshot of the Week for you! and Turbine have partnered on this week's SOTW for a special LOTRO 5th anniversary edition with some awesome prizes.

If you haven't participated in our Screenshot of the Week contest before, the instructions are pretty simple. All you need to do is post your very best screenshot of LOTRO (just one!) in the comments below and in reasonable dimensions (please don't break the thread!).

Given the anniversary theme of this week's contest, we'd like you to post a screenshot of your favorite memory from LOTRO and provide as detailed a description as you can (200 words tops, please!). While the screenshot ultimately matters, those with a great screenshot and a great story to go behind it will have even better chances at winning!

Now, what is so special about this week's prizes? We'll be awarding three winners this week: a grand prize winner, a first prize winner, and a second prize winner, and they're all in store for some awesome prizes!

Prize details below:

Grand Prize: Lifetime subscription to LOTRO

First Prize: Mithril Edition of LOTRO

Second Prize: 5,000 Turbine Points

We're not messing around this week! So be sure to give us your best!

Submissions will be accepted between today and Saturday, April 28. We'll select and announce winners on Tuesday, May 1.

Please only post a single screenshot. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.


Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB



  • mymmomymmo moms basment since the 2008 crashPosts: 306Member Uncommon

    Corsair 700D, EVGA X58 3x SLI classified, i7 950@4,2ghz,12gb ram@2ghz, 680@1255mhz/6625mhz, Xonar essence, 2x80gb intel g2, 1x120gb intel g2, 5tb Western Digital black, Seasonic 1k platinum, EK-CoolStream (140), EK-CoolStream (360), EK Waterblocks EVGA X58 Classified Acetal, EK Water Blocks EK-RAM Dominator X6, Aquastream XT ultra,Aquacomputre Aquadrive x4, 3xNexus Real Silent 120mm, SyncMaster 305Tplus

  • arebareb Calgary, ABPosts: 144Member

    The 5th aniversary video brings back many, many memories for me.  This screenshot is from the day Moria launched and is of me discovering Eregion for the first time.


  • KheledlireKheledlire ZalaegerszegPosts: 2Member

    Happy 5th Anniversary! I love you, LotRO! I love you, Middle Earth!

    This was the first occasion I played the game after i've got my new computer....

    finally I could enjoy the beautiful scenery of the game in its true form!

    Too bad.. I can only summit one picture, I have a tons more:) and all are beautiful:)

    (right click for zoom)


  • gondor2220gondor2220 marlowPosts: 18Member
  • DracarioDracario Myrtle Beach, SCPosts: 2Member

    Traveling through the shire during the RP event version of the pillgramage of the elves to the sea, not many people, although the route is beautiful

  • npierrinpierri Saint Louis, MOPosts: 1Member

    This beautifull screenshot was taken to show how quiet places can turn into big battles, how you have dark caves with enamies no matter where you are in the middle earth.

    That is the beauty of Lotro..


    I started in beta and I love the game, is one of those games that you want to play listening to good music , it is like reading a book

  • Cameron27Cameron27 Fort Collins, COPosts: 142Member


    (click to englarge)


    I've used LOTRO screenshots as my desktop for years now. I'm always looking for the off-the-beaten-path places for a change of scenery. Nen Harn is a place where you never really spend much time questing, but it's very stunning. Even on a bleak day, like this screenshot, it's beautiful.

    "I will not play it nor any other MMO until they make it possible to obtain the best gear without forcing people to group up to do so." SwampRob

  • JaedorJaedor Denver, COPosts: 1,171Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Cameron27

    (click to englarge)
    I've used LOTRO screenshots as my desktop for years now. Always looking for the off-the-beaten-path places for a change of scenery.

    Lovely! I love the art in LOTRO.

  • gartzigartzi chalkisPosts: 1Member

    Partying in Moria with members of my guild 


  • DragonettiDragonetti Dallas, TXPosts: 2Member

    The scenery is so breath-taking and the creatures so well-designed in LOTRO so I take a lot of screenshots when I'm playing. It's only natural that I don't always look where I'm going for fear of missing a great shot. Perhaps I should look more often because I end up in situations such as this. I don't think I'll ever get the stench out.

  • defelshadowdefelshadow republic, MOPosts: 2Member

    Happy Birthday LOTRO! You have captivated us for 5 years! 

    Happy Birthday LOTRO!

  • PlutoxinPlutoxin Kawartha Lakes, ONPosts: 1Member

    Ah the day my mount kept vanishing as I rode through Bree, leaving my RK floating. Decided to sneak up and pretend a cow was my mount. It really amused me.

  • spider_007spider_007 EkerenPosts: 1Member

    This is my runekeeper, it took a while before I got the right shot (if you know that skill has a pretty long cool-down) I really  hope you guys like it :)

    I made it my screensaver right away =D

    It's taken in Gondamon and I thought It looked quite cool,  hehe


  • SkippyNLSkippyNL BrunssumPosts: 1Member


    I felt a little sad on that day. But LOTRO always amazes me with it´s beautifull scenery. Things like this always cheer me up

  • TranzmasterTranzmaster DeinzePosts: 8Member

    Since I started playing LOTRO, I was always looking forward to wander around the outskirts of Isengard and challenge Saruman.

    This beautiful picture is taken from the 3man instance Fangorn's Edge, while you could just sit and watch the beautiful scenery around Orthanc

  • olafeolafe veriaPosts: 5Member

    One of the most beautifull places in Middle Earth.Forocel by night

    One of the most beautiful places in middle Earth.Forocel by Night


    One of the best places in Middle Earth...Forocel by Night





  • SandshanSandshan VezinPosts: 1Member


    A peaceful place: the Shire

    My favourite memory so far is something very subtle as it's about the beautiful locations and the atmospheres of the Middle Earth.

    After a long day of battle, traveling through rain and horrible places I've been able to take some rest. Maybe stop the fight for some hours, and work hard on my artisan crafts...

    I first come back to Bree, and there was rain and greyness everywhere. Through my window, it was the winter. Every single tree was looking like dead, and the rain was so strong against the glass that the noise was covering the music.

    Then I remember I had some quests to do in the Shire. And look: as soon as I pass through the Brandywine, the clouds disapear and everything was so bright! Even a rainbow crossed my way! With the happy sound of the distant birds it was very comforting. Then I take this screenshot to remember.

    (sorry, english is not my first langage ;) I hope everything is ok!)

    Larger =>



  • TergusTergus FortalezaPosts: 1Member

    A simple rainy day in the Shire... I really like this photo



  • SithnianSithnian TartuPosts: 1Member

    Not one of the best pictures I have, considering that I seem to have had my screenshot folder wiped. Made this one a few days ago while leveling my champion.

    Why is this my favourite? Well, I had just finished Evendim. That means -- no more swimming!








  • CubkyleCubkyle Somewhere, PAPosts: 1Member

    Click to see the big version.


    As a Lore-master, my search for knowledge has led me to many exotic and beautiful locations.

  • MinstreliMinstreli EnschedePosts: 1Member



    The Elven town in Ered Luin overlooking the river Lhûn. We sometimes tend to forget how beautiful the starting area's can be if we don't stop to watch. Sometimes I go here just for some rest.

  • MelfinaBlueMelfinaBlue Sandy Springs, GAPosts: 1Member

    I navigated via my vague memories of the Fellowship's route in The Fellowship of the Ring, spent a lot of time trying to avoid or run like heck from much higher level mobs, and was incredibly proud of myself when I finally made it.  Since this toon is my first ever to get further east than the Lonelands, it was a heart-stopping trip, but the beauty of Rivendell when I got there was totally worth it.

    Riding towards Rivendell

  • MsBarrowsMsBarrows Levack, ONPosts: 1Member

    This is one of my earliest screenshot, from back pre-Moria when my first character, my burglar, reached North Downs. I loved how the aurochs look - so adorable! So good at stomping me into a pancake, too... Still love the aurochs, they're one of my favourite mobs to see roaming around.

    North Downs Aurochs

  • DubbisDubbis KalajokiPosts: 1Member

    (click to see the bigger version)

    Forochel has always been my favorite region especially with these amazing northern lights. I'm from Finland and since most of the names in Forochel are variations from the Finnish language I've definitely had some good laughs there. When I went there on my first character it was hilarious to see NPC's who share the same names with my real-life friends; by the time I had explored the whole region I had seen pretty much all of my friends' names there.

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