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Star Legends: Our Official Star Legends Review

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,965MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

One of the growing trends in MMO development these days is the increasing presence of mobile MMOs. In our latest review, we take a look at Spacetime Studios' Star Legends: The Black Chronicles from every conceivable angle and measure it up next to other mobile MMOs. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Gameplay in Star Legends is designed for three to five minute play sessions as their concept was get people in and out of games easily, so the game revolves around quests and dungeon levels; i.e. clearing dungeon levels and heading to the next. The Space Age theme helps with the immersion as you use transporters from the main hub to reach the various planets and a graphic of a spaceship shows in the loading screen. Or you simply access the sector map which provides level recommendations and the ability to join or create a game.

Read more of Carolyn Koh's comprehensive review of Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Review.


Character Development


  • PyukPyuk Eugene, ORPosts: 714Member Uncommon

    Good write up. It's a fun little game in 5 to 10 minute stints. I play it on my iPhone and Kindle Fire (have to go directly to the Spacetime site and get the andriod version, and also disable the trusted apps setting in the Kindle settings) and it plays great on both - cross platform.

    I make spreadsheets at work - I don't want to make them for the games I play.

  • TorqiaTorqia CopenhagenPosts: 73Member Uncommon

    Im pretty amazed what you can play in your phone these days but playing an mmo on my phone just isnt all that fun IMHO. Playing an mmo should be all about the comunication with your friends and that part is just clonky on a phone.

  • FadedbombFadedbomb Aiken, SCPosts: 2,081Member


    10/10 for innovation?


    Sorry, but i'm going to complete disagree with you on this one and claim you have NO idea what "innovation" really is.

    Playing an "MMO" on your phone is NOT innovation. Heck, it's not even fun unless you're riding passenger in a LONG car ride. Even then most would rather watch a movie, play a single player game on their laptop, or sleep. 


    The game should probably be a 6.1 instead considering it's Wizard 101, with guns, on your phone & PC.

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  • VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Somewhere on a beach on the east coast, FLPosts: 894Member Uncommon

    all of their mobile games are fin. dark legends is probably my favorite. i think the score may be relative to its genre? i like the games but if we compare it to a standard mmo it just doesnt compare. 


    strictly talking mobile mmos its a definite 8.1

  • spacetimestudiossuckspacetimestudiossuck chicago, ILPosts: 2Member
    spacetime studios  games are good at start ,however the developers ,tend to forget about there games and never update them ,the older ones such as pocket legends,star legends ,and dark legends ,  and if you play those game i mention ,dont expect any help from the developers, they only reply to players that play arcane legends 
  • headbanzheadbanz Rio de JaneiroPosts: 11Member
    Wow, seems to be funny. I'll try.

    "The light shall bring victory!"

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