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If only...

TerrorizorTerrorizor Red Beer, ABPosts: 326Member

I would like to find a game that has a little bit more customization then everything that I've ever seen,.


I would like to custom tailor skills. Example: If I was playing a magic user I could add power to my fireball skill and have it do more damage, or blast radius and have the AoE radius improved, or increase the range. Each benefit would have a cost that goes with it to keep things balanced.


I would like to have armor give both benefit and hindrance. Example: If I chose to wear heavy plate armor I would be encumbered more then if I wore leather but would be more protected against certain types of attacks (slashing, piercing, etc) and possibly more vulnerable to other types of attacks. Armor may limit the use of some weapons as well (a plate wearing tank would not be as capable with a bow as someone with light or no armor)


No tab targeting.


Classless. You make your character, you develop your character as you play. You're skill with armor/weapons improves from use.


Adult orientated. I don't want to fight giggly mushrooms, and have pokemon pets.



  • Mr_WolfxMr_Wolfx Columbus, TXPosts: 176Member

    Asheron's Call, don't know if the game is still alive or if anyone plays it anymore, but it's perfect for you. You just need to be able to stomach the graphics.

    Yes I have a dream… And its not some MLK dream for equality. …I wanna own a decommissioned lighthouse …And I wanna live at the top… And nobody knows I live there. …And theres a button that I can press, and launch that lighthouse into space.

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