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Colosseum T4C

ColosseumT4CColosseumT4C ColosseumPosts: 5Member

T4C is one of the first MMORPG, similar to Ultima Online. Although it's graphics aren't the best for today, the rest is a lot better than modern MMOs..

Real open world, one of the best character build system, awesome PVP, no boring quests like "Kill 50 rats and come back", deep storyline etc.

I recommend everyone to try it, our server is 100% free!




  • ColosseumT4CColosseumT4C ColosseumPosts: 5Member

    24 Hours of Madness!

    Starting today 10pm through Sunday 10pm, the XP Rate will be 10X, that's right, 10x the normal! (GMT -03:00)
    Also, we are going to open a portal to Raven's Dust for the bravest..
    Start your character and travel to RD at any level! Only for these 24 hours!
    Come visit our server and celebrate one of the best MMORPGs ever made!
    In T4C we Trust.
    ColosseumT4C -
    Aviator HGM
    24 Horas de Loucura! 02/06 - 03/06
    Começando hoje às 22:00hrs até amanhã(domingo) às 22:00hrs, o XP do servidor estará em 10x, isso mesmo 10x o normal! Além disso, teremos um portal aberto pra Raven's Dust para os mais corajosos...
    Comece seu personagem e atravesse logo para RD em qualquer level, somente nessas 24 horas!
    Estaremos reiniciando o servidor pouco antes das 22:00Hrs para adicionar as modificações..
    Venha conhecer nosso servidor e celebrar um dos melhores RPGs já criados!
    In T4C we Trust.
    ColosseumT4C -
    Aviator HGM
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