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Rose online open beta

sog3nsog3n Honolulu, HIPosts: 40Member

Check out this open beta, its in its beginning stages but so far they are doin a great job on it. visit

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  • ZheritelZheritel TønsbergPosts: 176Member
    Great job indeed. But still alot needs to be done... Someone should really freshen up on their english in that company... Bad grammar is one of the most annoying things in gaming i think..
  • sir-animasir-anima TongerenPosts: 210Member

    I also played it , i can't anymore .... bc as son as i wanna login my game crashes , it has this problem since the new patch , the game is very buggy and also laggy atm , hope it will get much better in a little time ...

  • MunkaMunka Springfield, ORPosts: 252Member Uncommon

    Eh, it's ok I guess, good way to waste a few hours time. Nothing special though, the graphics are not bad, but thats it. Got boring real quick, hack and slash, level grind, just like 95% of the other MMOG's on the market. Be warned that some of the towns are stuff full with player run shops, which can and will lag you to death, and crash the client.

  • TorgeirTorgeir StavangerPosts: 1Member
    My brother plays ROSE, and he likes and I wanna play too
  • cyber2kidscyber2kids lkgyilgu, GAPosts: 1Member


  • hell-houndhell-hound no where, MDPosts: 7Member

    Watch the caps...

    It looks impressive indeed.

  • YukiYuki £ód�Posts: 27Member

    Looks Cool!
    But why do they require adress and etc. in Open Beta...
    I think people shoud make a special Open Beta acc that will be destryoed after a month or 2 after the open beta ends, and you will have to than tell thoose things to activate your acc for close beta...

    (Sorry for grammar, 13 years old polish boy...)

    Sorry for bad grammar!
    (12 [soon 13] years old polish boy)

  • spizzspizz BlackForrestPosts: 1,971Member Uncommon

    maybe its fun but the graphic is like for kids or babies image

  • kurodokurodo K.LPosts: 2Member

    try playin the dealer. they rox image

  • Gats2k6Gats2k6 Warrensburg, MOPosts: 190Member

    i didn't like the atmosphere of this game i mainly saw a BUNCH of kids and kids most of the time lack maturity.maybe being its cartoonish/anime look to it mainly kids are attracted to it. also with the player shops they are nice but they are too overcrowding the place. The english needs much work.....

  • sir-animasir-anima TongerenPosts: 210Member

    mmm i started playing it again , it is working again woopie :d
    Yea the gfx are kiddie but i like that kind of gfx , and it is also overcrowded ...
    but it will go p2p in couple months i think then there aren't that many kids on it !

  • quietkilleRquietkilleR Struthers, OHPosts: 94Member

    looks pretty fun ill give it a download::::28::

    All my endings are waiting to begin.

  • condioncondion HeelPosts: 1Member

    im playing it for sometime now and it is a really nice game in the beginning but how further you get your getting bored.  The englisch is very bad sometimes, but that doesn’t matter, it looks very like kid but there also playing a lot o mature ppl.

    A I can say I recomment it to try it. By the way hawker is nice to play

  • PAGamer08PAGamer08 New York, MAPosts: 14Member
    How do you sign up for this game? I keep trying, I entered all the information but I dont understand korean and whenever I click submit a box pops up with that error sound and theres a bunch of squares and an ok button... Im... totally confused image
  • TaisharTaishar Langley, BCPosts: 13Member
    I got to play this game for 2 hours before they banned my account. I was enjoying it, too.
  • noobletnooblet candy landPosts: 2,274Member

    Its fun for a week or two and then you'll get bored , garunteed. Its pure grind , more so than other mmorpgs. Theres like a total of 12 zones for 90 lvls of the game and theres one other planet with some stuff on it. Sure its free but its just gunna end up being a waste of your time

  • rrakstarraksta MariborPosts: 16Member

    I'm pretty much sure this game is intended for the younger gaming population. No needs for harsh critisism. ::::28::

  • quietkilleRquietkilleR Struthers, OHPosts: 94Member

    Originally posted by rraksta
    I'm pretty much sure this game is intended for the younger gaming population. No needs for harsh critisism. ::::28::


    All my endings are waiting to begin.

  • ionicwingsionicwings ParaPosts: 109Member
    the game is a failure in korea... but it looks fun hehe
  • sir-animasir-anima TongerenPosts: 210Member

    yea it is pretty fun , but i am getting a little bored of it now :s

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