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Returning | What Server?

rpmarensrpmarens Longwood, FLPosts: 17Member Uncommon

Beta participant and founder returning after years of absence...

I had originally played on Landroval but it's been so long I'll be starting completely from scratch.  I've narrowed down my server choice between Landroval (premier original server from what I remember) and Riddermark (premier F2P-launched server).

The reason to choose Landroval, of course, is it's excellent, mature community and history.  Its established nature, however, does mean the economy is set in its ways and the general top-heavy population may not be welcoming to new blood joining its server (even if said new blood is a returning old-timer).  This is all speculation on my part...

Reason to choose Riddermark would be that it's rather fresh and, due to it's connection w/ namesake Rohan, likely the most popular of the new servers.  Economy is fresh(er) and population isn't top-heavy.

Again, it's all just speculation on my part... been a long, long time.  I'll be playing caually as family/career allow some me-time.



  • krazyslothkrazysloth puyallup, WAPosts: 13Member

    I checkout out several servers before deciding. I did the suggsted server first and played to about level 10 without seeing anyone. I then tried another which I cant remember the name of but it was supposed to be another good one, and again no one in the begining. So then I tried the ever popular BrandyWine; and what do you know? People all over the place. Grouped up with a guy and quested a bit. Saw plenty of other people as well. I'm now in Comb and the population is much larger then the starting town was. So from what I have experienced Brandywine is the way to go.

  • ValmarillValmarill Citrus Heights, CAPosts: 21Member

    Landroval still has a thriving population. Some of my friends play on that server. Brandywine is also popular, however it's reputation isn't so sparkling. The glff on that server is commonly panned as being one of the worst in regards to trolls. This is heresay however, I do not have direct experience with that server.

    I play on Elendilmir for a couple of reasons. First, because it's gamer population is filled with people from the States and Australia. This means, that at any given time, be it day time or late at night, I can find a team fairly easily. 

    Second, though I have a couple of characters on Landroval and another I can't remember off the top of my head ... I was much more readily accepted into the community on Elendilmir. That made my choice really easy.

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