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Ministry of War The Good, the Bad and the UGLY

RudedawgCDNRudedawgCDN Vancouver, BCPosts: 494Member Uncommon

The Good:


First of all let me start off by saying for how much I hate Snail Games and their business practices, although; I find the game strangely addictive.


It would not be hard for someone to make a similar game but better – there are tons of problems with the game.


The Bad:


Ministry of War is one of the most expensive Free to Play games I’ve ever played. They hold Flash Sales every so often; it wouldn’t be so bad if you actually knew if I spend $$$ I get this. But you don’t. You can spend 200 points = $20.00 and what you get is generally completely random.


Making it slim to impossible to actually fill out your armour set. imo, it’s just not worth it. More often than not, you will get a piece that you don’t like, don’t need or don’t want.


This game is for rich kids or rich unemployed people with too much time and money on their hands. Snail games is only too happy to take it away from you. Having said that you don’t need to spend money to play this game – but VIP3 is very nice and so is the 7 day +25% resource buff ($10.00 per week/$40.00 per month).




Pathing in the game is ATROCIOUS, frustrating and will have you pulling out your hair. Your characters will not go where you want, they will “skate” across the screen and in Contested Wars it really takes away from what should be the highlight of the game – combat in CZ’s. If you are a defender it’s very hard to click and get your guys to go to the middle around your center keep. If you are an attacker – good luck getting your trebs to go where you want.


I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m saying it should be one of the focal points of what the dev’s need to fix.


Instead the dev’s are thinking of new ways to make money (making new servers every 2 weeks, and giving us very expensive pets). Don’t get me started on raising pet loyalty.


Sharm Rolls (exp buff for leveling) seemed to be made with Egypt specifically in mind. The CZ is very close to Egypt. Egypt gets a bonus to research – allowing them to get up and running fairly quickly. 2 of the main ingredients (Sardines and Jam) are also in Egypt territories.


With Chariots as a t5 and the Research Bonus I fail to see why Egyptians needs a 90% exp buff as well.


imo Sharm Rolls should be in a more central CZ like Smyrna or Elista.


T o add insult to injury the Rage Blade (really nice weapon) also drops in the same CZ as the Sharm Roll.


Personally I won’t play Egypt because it has too many advantages, making it one of if not the easiest civ to play. Egypt and China (has some nifty t5 archers )pretty well dominate 80% of the servers.


If this isn’t the evidence that Snail games to know that something wrong with the balance of the civ’s – then I don’t know what other evidence they need.


Persia is my favorite, while Rome is a dog’s breakfast and needs some kind of buff.


Another player complaint is CZ spam in player chat – it’s an easy fix – to me it only proves that the dev’s don’t play the game – because it’s so obvious. Move the CZ spam to the next chat box up where players are constantly being spammed by announcements for many things that are not in the game. Sanctuary to level? Item in Mall? Tired of Reinforcement Gears? Hopefully you get my drift.


A 10 minute fix, that most likely will never happen.


Not allowing trading between friends – this having to put things on AH and HOPING someone doesn’t snipe it; sucks. Besides – they are my friends – most of the time I want to give them my item – not charge them for it.

Overall I would not reccomend this game unless you plan on spending $200.00 in your first month and $40.00 a month thereafter.

So much for FTP.


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