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Wizard101: The New World of Avalon

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,044MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

KingsIsle is taking players of its flagship title, Wizard101, to new worlds with the coming addition of Avalon. As the name implies, Avalon will be squarely focused on an Arthurian type landscape. We've got a bit more information about Avalon and some exclusive screens to share. Check it out in Wizard101: The New World of Avalon.

Avalon is a mainline, medieval world of knights, castles, goblins and dragons. It plays heavily on the Arthurian and Celtic mythologies, with fallen knights, warrior queens and quests to prove one's worth and skill. It is a land of rich, green glades; dangerous, barricaded towers; and dark, sinister woods.

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  • Ivanna9Ivanna9 Menlo Park, CAPosts: 4Member Common

    Looking forward to the new world and what it has to offer.   Actually, I hope that  Avalon's quests will be harder and less grindy  compared to  Zafaria's.   Most veteran  players breezed through Zafaria in a few weeks with nothing to do after.   A world that  really challenges its players to use their skills and new spells would be  great.

    I hope that with this latest update, Kings Isle has made some improvements to its pvp section, which has been in need of a makeover  for quite some time.  If  KI addresses some of the issues the Pvp community has:  school imbalances, first turn advantage, chain dispels, unfair matching/point award system, downranking, puppet teams, and  use of over level treasure cards by low levels, a lot of loyal Wizard 101 fans would be ecstatic.


  • shellycoshellyco st.louis, MOPosts: 1Member

    so happy new world is coming! I home you keep making levels! I really hope you can make more cloths for girls like crowns and dresses from like the disney princess style would be a big hit the warlord style is good to. its all about the cloths with girls and looking good new hair dues would be nice to more girly and like the dye shop you should have a face and hair shop.and new colors for the cloths like powder cloths for the girls like light pinks and things like that.pretty flowing dresses and crowns  and  tiaras. just some ideas :D please we would really loves this new stuff

  • codastarcodastar granger, INPosts: 1Member

    I hate it! Its too early to release!!!!

  • DeathblossomDeathblossom Fort Wayne, INPosts: 3Member

    They need to raise the level cap to 90 maybe even 100, I am so tired of being stuck at level 70. Also, if the mounts helped faster mana and/or life give back then maybe more people would want different ones; however, I rather pay gold for them then crowns.

    Another thing, what about level 70 gear will that be in avalon world, too? The highest gear I have seen is level 68 gear or in crowns shop 70 level gear, but doesn't have resists on in less you are an Ice Wizard. So, please make the level 70 gear more like level 60 legendary gear, but better like more hit points, more critical damage, more resists, and armor piercing. I need more information about the armor piecring I am not sure how it works at all. I still think it is better to have resists plus the armor piercing, and not just the armor piercing.

    Most of all add the level 70 gear, but the level cap needs to be raised because I am so tired loosing experience due to extra side quests or extra main quests. There are always quests left over and I keep loosing experience in less I wait to turn them in, and then when I do there is still more quests to do that always go higher then actual level cap. So, I really would like level cap to be raised to 90 at least or maybe higher. I love having lots to do and hate being stuck at level that will never increase because then, I don't even want to bother logging into play. I use to log into help people, but that seems to be decreasing as well, and it's hard to wait for people to send me help me messages when there is nothing to do and pet games don't allow you to talk to people while doing them. In less you can fix the pet games to allow you to get messages while playing them. Another way to feed pets snacks would be good besides games would be great, too.

    New spells for Avalon would great to see as well, but you defintely need the level cap increase too then. Plus, better gear, too. Plus, bigger spell decks, maybe optional second hand, or have a set deck with spells with  the spells we use the most that we change when needed.

    Also, I really would like to see seperate server for menu people that way it is less aggravation for the adults and other people who don't like the menu chat option since it never has enough conversation options of what we actually say.

    As far the pets goes it would be so much better they actually helped more side by side with us, so they could get stronger and be fed more snacks even they had special level quests to just increase your pet's level rather then yours.

    Oh defintely, have better looking gears like dresses or skirts for girls an pant outfits for the guys. The zafaria gear looks super funny on guys since it is a dress usually. Plus, add more designs for more stitching options just in case we don't like it. The more options for different stitching and more selection is always best I just love having more variety of what to wear. It is fun creating outfits that are new and unique, and now they need to add more.

    Hope you all like my ideas for the new world. Maybe if I think more ideas I will post again.



  • DeathblossomDeathblossom Fort Wayne, INPosts: 3Member

    Oh just thought of another thing, less repetive quests like no more killing the same type of creature over and over again in until you want blow up the world or get so bored you want to stop playing. More variety of different creatures that cast different spells would be a lot more interesting to see I think. Also, more variety of quests is good, too. It would be really cool to have maybe the teacher join us to help us fight battle, too. They said they had  it before like with Malistaire, but I am not sure why it was taken out. That would better then adding more rules and harder towers for better gear because I don't mind it if they only increase the amount hit points on the quest monsters verses adding more rules because I find it way to hard to remember all the rules and no one follows them well enough it seems.

  • greco55agreco55a kansas city, MOPosts: 2Member Common

    wizard use to be hard, before gh, then players complained about the long quests and being killed too easy. KI made the quests shorter and lessened the minions to accomodate these players. cl and xf and wt are excellent, the enemy uses level 48 spells.

    as far as pvp is concerned, they need their own set of spells. if pvpers had one set of spells, maybe they wouldn't complain about school spells being unfairly used. irl if soemone brings a knife to a gun fight they tend to lose

    in the new world, i would like to have gear for my mounts, bought with gold not crowns. i wouldn't even care if it had enhancements in them, jousting games might be nice, you could use them cursor to aim your lance

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,022Member Rare

            Do you still have to pay to get into alot of the zones in Wizard101??

  • Arsenal333Arsenal333 GravesendPosts: 2Member

    Yeah you have to pay to unlock areas.

  • Snowstorm000Snowstorm000 CobhamPosts: 1Member

       I am still at celestia level, so this won't affect me for a while, but I always liked stories of Arthurian legend and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm a really big fan of the game, and I can't wait to see all the new monsters and spells. I'm also a keen gardener, and new levels and seeds will be welcomed as well. I think I read somewhere above that some of the quests are a bit boring, like where you fight the same monster until you find something you're supposed to be collecting from them, and those types of quests I do feel there could be a few less. And it also said somewhere that you could fight alongside a teacher or (I'm assuming) a computer generated character that is not a minion. This is a really good idea and KI apparently stopped doing it, and if it did happen I'd like to see it back a couple of times. As far as clothes styles go, I don't really mind much about it, but I have been wondering when the winning designs of the design-an-outfit competition would be put into the game. I like the pets and the fairly recent addition of the pet pavillion, but I find it takes ages to train a pet to epic, and so far I've only got two to ancient, and most pets that heal their owner have to be bought by crowns (like the nightmare).

     I really like everything to do with houses so far (the latest addition being music players), but I wish we could have two or three extra castle slots because I bought two lower level houses and really don't want to sell them after spending much time and money decorating them, but I really want the gh and cl houses that you have to craft, but I'm out of castle slots. And also, when I previewed the cl house, when I saw the duelling circle I wandered if KI would add a new feature so you can put monster bosses in your castles for your friends to fight - I'd love to decide what the monsters look like (so just to choose a classic design like a wraith, treant or a mander), choose a name and to customise their deck. If anyone from KI is reading this, there's a new idea for the game.

    Big fan of the game!

  • branster1998branster1998 alto, GAPosts: 2Member
    i'm a level 66 necromancer i hate how easy zafaria is to man i hope its more of a challange and i hate it how in pvp level 20's can use the treasure cards of the level 58 school quest  so i completely agree with you  ivvana9
  • branster1998branster1998 alto, GAPosts: 2Member
    i agree with you ivvana9 they need to make it more of a challenge  than zafaria was and also i hate it when lvl 20's can use their lvl 58's school quest cards so i completely agree with you i hope they can fix it XD anyway take care peoples cya
  • MisterpuppyMisterpuppy Verona, MOPosts: 18Member
    I'm watching for the upcoming Pirates 101. I usually don't play those kind of games, but it has kind of a ,"Skies Of Arcadia" look and might be kind of a nostalgia trip for a while.

    Don't be a Menace to MMORPG While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

  • dacjackdacjack auburn, ALPosts: 2Member



  • emmanueloemmanuelo New York City, NYPosts: 1Member
    I hope legendarry wizards like merlin Will be in avalon
  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,022Member Rare
    Originally posted by Theocritus
            Do you still have to pay to get into alot of the zones in Wizard101??

          This is what turned me off about the game...It was like every other quest I had was in a zone where you had to pay...You can only restrict so much of the world.....I wont even look at this game until they remove the area restrictions and I doubt they ever will.

  • Wrestler6692Wrestler6692 N.Y.C, NYPosts: 6Member
    Young morganthe loves wooly mammoths
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