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Poorly designed instance in update 6

avalon1000avalon1000 HawaiiPosts: 775Member Uncommon

One of the last instances in U6 in the Brownlands (A Sunset Storm) has some glaring issues. I had no horn at the beginning, the helpers at the mage area were almost worthless, and I killed the last captain before the third captain therefore I could not complete the quest. I walked right by the third captain to the last one not even realizing he was there in the very dark night. I got aggro on 3 of the last captains adds and they ran through the gate opening up the area (which i later realized was not supposed to open until the third captain was dead). Most of update 6 was fantastic but this instance left a bad taste in my mouth. The quest should complete if all captains are killed...period.


  • AtmaDarkwolfAtmaDarkwolf Edmonton, ABPosts: 353Member

    Maybe u should post this on the official LOTR's forums so they can look it over? LOL Sounds like some simple 'bugs' they dev's could deal with.... if they knew.

  • avalon1000avalon1000 HawaiiPosts: 775Member Uncommon

    I will file a bug report in game. I never post on the LOTRO forums anymore since they require a game password to log in (which has already proved disastrous when their server was hacked).

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