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Pocket Legends: Celebrating 2 Years With Free Stuff

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Spacetime Studios has announced that heretofore premium areas in Pocket Legends will be free for players in celebration of the game's second anniversary.

The following areas are now accessible by all players:

  • Sandstone Caves

  • Skeller's Return

  • Croc Feud

  • Frozen Nightmares

  • Shadow Caves

  • Wyldwood

Players who have previously purchased premium areas will find a special gift in their stashes in recognition of their support. "Frozen Crown of Gratitude" vanity helm is crafted from the crystals from Frozen Nightmare's Frost King.


Pocket Legends players can join in the celebration by purchasing a 2012 Anniversary Party Hat. When wearing the hat, other players can wave to you and automatically receive their own, smaller party hat. At the end of the week long anniversary celebration, the 2012 Anniversary Part Hat will no longer be available to purchase and will no longer grant the smaller party hat.

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