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Hype or no Hype - No Raids and some other stuff..........

ste2000ste2000 londonPosts: 5,845Member Epic

Tomorrow I will try Tera for the first time (beta weekend).

I have to say I never being excited about Tera, in fact I saw it as an Aion clone with a different twist.

From what I read recently I am a bit more open toward this game, but I still have few doubts and questions.

1) I heard there are no raids in this game, so what the end game will look like?

2) Does world PvP has any meaning, do you get anything out of it apart the pure pleasure to win a fight (I don't like Arenas or Battlegrounds)?

2) I also read that there is a lot of dungeon crawling going on, is this true or player just do exactly what they do in other MMORPGs (quest grind)?

Basically I don't like Quest grinding, but I do not like Mob grinding playstyle is group content (Dungeons and Raids) and world PvP (No Arenas or BG)

Does this game meets my criteria, or should I approach the game with less expectation tomorrow?


  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    1-19 is easy single player mode, which is unfortunate.


    At 20+ though you could potentially group play all the way to level 60, find a good guild and do BAM repeatable quests and dungeons all the way to max level if you wanted. BAMs are quite challenging mobs that take quite a while to kill, consider them like a dungeon boss, they give a lot of xp and the repeatable quests for them can be stacked, so you can group up and kill 50 of 5 and go to the quest giver and cash in the quest 10 times.


    I personally was grouped the entire time from 20-32 content in CBT3, it also makes being on a PvP server more fun if you are grouped, fun stealing BAMs from other groups. Lol.


    There are no raids but theres a lot of five man dungeons(normal+hardmode) and theres the Nexus, which is basically rifts, they are 20 man minimum to complete because they are quite difficult, they are not instanced, open world like rift.


    The OWPvP is just for fun, no rewards, the GvG battles are just for e-peen rating and fun, but if you want some value in your PvP message other guild leaders and set up deathmatches and bet money or items on the outcome, our guild won a lot of our deathmatches and made some good money lol. Battlegrounds are only at endgame and they are not the prominent in Korea, how this will be in NA is unknown.



    image - Deathmatch system.


    image - Examples of BAMs(level 20-28).







  • Nadya3Nadya3 MadridPosts: 348Member

    is hard to answer your question about end content,  since the game is still in closed beta phases.  so many things can happen and change,  we can only use KTera as a reference for end content.

    according to some recent info , there will be raids in Tera,  and monster invasions.   dont know how many people will be required for those raids though,  most of the instances and dungeons  are 5 man ones.

    if you like grouping,  you gonna love Tera,  that's where this game stands out the most.  plenty of fun Bam , dungeons, and instances to do.

    there will be meaninful open pvp.  you fight for controll of territories,  some interesting political system along with that as well.


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