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Not too crazy about this one..

CowboyKarimCowboyKarim La Habra, CAPosts: 15Member

I was excited to start Wakfu, so once it came out I played very soon after. Built one of the 'time' characters and seemed ok in the beginning. I quickly saw how this would become another grind after learning my first 'professions'.


You go around battling and shaving animals for skins or whatever repeatedly, which isn't so bad if it were fun, but it's not. The battles are interesting up until you get the hang of it, then it just becomes a repetitive process that is not very enjoyable (to me), same for crafts. After you leave the beginner's area, you start to get a little lost and wonder if there's more to it than what you're seeing. I roamed around for quite a while looking for the 'next part of the story', but could not find it. I'm sorry, the game seemed to have a cool 'anime-ish' feel to it (I did hear about it during Anime Expo after all), but it just doesn't follow through.


Am I missing something?



  • yuri330yuri330 TrumpLandPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    Its a sandbox, so yes it's easy to get lost and not know what to do because you got to ''invent'' something to do, off course they added some ''quests'' but they really are not what you would expect from the standard mmo, first of there is no tracker, you have to ask around and discover where to get the items required for the quests by yourself.


    Second the game itself is really player driver, like I said you have to invent what to do. Playing it alone is a terrible mistake and what will probably turn a lot of people because most people nowaday play their mmo more in a loner fashion.

  • MmorpgeriusMmorpgerius Posts: 49Member Uncommon

    Played this a bit and I don't think it's a "true" sandbox, though it has sandboxy elements.

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