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Update 6 is encouraging

avalon1000avalon1000 HawaiiPosts: 779Member Uncommon

I was questing with my longtime duo partner last night and when we saw the main fort in the Great River area he said "would you look at that". Yes..a good old fashioned fort with doors you can go in and out of (it took us a while to find the Forge and Relic NPC's). They are trying to get back to the look and feel of SoA and so far I am impressed. This might be the best update in a long time. People on chat are saying the same thing. When I was swimming in the river against the current it looked like I was making less headway than when swimming in a calm area. The virtues have been raised to 14 (even though it does not display properly) and the new crafted relics are great!


  • MithgonNimelMithgonNimel Falls Church, VAPosts: 11Member

    Update 6's real disappointment is its Landscape soldiers - they require TP and are only active in certain, minimized time-slots. But, based upon the visuals I've seen of the Anduin and its associated areas, my conviction that LotRO has the prettiest, most richly Lore-ridden regions in the business has been reaffirmed.

    The worst part about it is the fact that I'm banned for 2 weeks.

  • OdyssesOdysses Anacortes, WAPosts: 581Member

    Update 6 is probably the best update to the game that I have seen.   Rohan is going to be a very nice expansion if the level of quality is on par with this update.

    As far as the soldiers on the landscape is concerned, I think they got it about right.  The game is extremely solo friendly as is, so a soldier really isn't that necessary.  If you do need one they are fairly priced for skirmish marks up to max level, and then they get a little more spendy, but skirm marks are pretty easy to come by.   I think the price should be a little higher because using a soldier takes a way from the social aspect of the game, when you can just as easily grab another player through glff.

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