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LF Action

FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOPosts: 96Member

I've been going over the list and can't really find anything that grabs my attention. I'm thinking an mmorpg with action-adventure elements, no target-lock would be ok. For reference..something like an mmorpg Legend of Zelda link to the past in terms of combat freedom. Questing, stat differentiation, loot scaling are all optional. I'll pass on 2d graphics, right now my 2d fix is handled by terraria. If nothing comes close then I'll just content with what I have at my disposal and wait for pso2.


  • KholeKhole Irmo, SCPosts: 136Member Common

    Have you looked at tera? Its pretty much fps style gameplay as far as combat goes.

  • omega78omega78 ..., CTPosts: 260Member Uncommon

    For game choices with these criteria you have...

    Vindictus- Hack n' Slash bloody, sexy and fast paced. It has a unique cast of characters ranging from a swift moving swordsman, to a behemoth destroyer. The cast consists of 4 characters, each specializing in two weapon types. Each type provides its own style, and is a completely different experience, so if you wanted argue, there are "8" playable classes, with an archer class joining the fray sometime in the future. 

    Major cons? Nexon, the security isn't the tightest as of late but if you can handle that possibility there isn't much else, I found the amount of useable skills rather lackluster.

    Didn't enjoy Vindictus because of the amount of skills? Then go n' give Dragon Nest a try another Nexon game only with concrete classes and many more skills for characters, it is in many ways an anime version of Vindictus but it also very different due to its variety with jobs and skills.

    Ghost X- I personally haven't played this but it may just fit your criteria, to my knowledge it isn't 2d, give it a look see and perhaps it may be for you.

    Rusty Hearts- Moreso 2d, but worth a mention, the graphics and music are divine and the I found what I played of the story intriguing.

    Now...if those were too action packed for what you wanted you also have these games.

    Mabinogi- Twitch Style combat and plently of skills to learn, you literally make a Link character in here, he can masterfully use a blade, and pull out a bow for sufficient damage, that not enough? Use your magic spells (although the choice of spells are slimmer than most other games, they are exceedingly powerful) to fell the enemy. A lot of customization, and many, many things to learn, a very unqiue game with a lot to do.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine- Also Twitch based, but the skill system is more indepth than Mabinogis, if you are familiar with the game series, this takes place inbetween the 1st and the 2nd. The character can negotiate with demons in order to enlist them for combat. In one months time the game will no longer be with AO, and is going to be returned to Atlus Online, which should prove for some interesting results.

    Other than that? I cannot really say, perhaps Dungeons and Dragons Online, it also is twitch based and may remind you of LoZ as well, I have never played it so I cannot say.

    That is all that comes to mind, I wish you luck in your endeavors.


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,347Member Epic

    Spiral Knights.  It's not entirely an MMORPG, but it likely has the sort of combat you're looking for.

  • FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOPosts: 96Member

    perhaps spiral knights for now. I've tried a few of the listed, mabinogi I liked except my laptop will require a gfx card upgrade to run it well.

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