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Mechwarriors from MW3 Online in Battlezone

ViseroVisero Moyock, NCPosts: 9Member

Well , its been a lot of years since the last time I stepped into my Shadowcat with the SJ tag . I think back then there was quite a good community between all of the mechwarriors who developed the time and competition for league play. We played in a league called Battlezone. I will say it was probably the most prestigous league of all that existed. Only the best of the best played in it. I have more fond memories of those days and I had a hell of a lot of friends in the clan and out. It was solid competition every single night for hours , running t1's , t2's , t3's and so forth.

  Its time to dust off the old mechs soon and move them out of the bays for combat. Its time for the shout outs to go to all those people I remember and all the ones that I dont , forgive me , you can take it out on me in the field =). I'm gunning for you Deathwsh , Pisnapalm , Grey Ghost , Ace_99 , Klimax , Ironclaw , Tome , Blackdog , Samurai_DD , Rhodie , Underdog , Buzz  Lightbeer , Bluwolf , and so many more , that I hope will come on here and post what name they had in those days. I could remember more if I spent the next few hours but thats the ones off the top of my head. We had a lot of great nights , years of memories and I look forward to creating more with all of you. Please come out with who you were.

This is SJ_Mechgod_27 signing off for now , lets get back in those mechs and tear some metal up like the old days =).


  • neorandomneorandom bev hills, CAPosts: 1,681Member

    we'll see if you survive my atlas grinding his foot on top of your cockpit!  well not an atlas right away, chasis/pilot xp adds alot of flavor to the game with the skills you get with it.  (an elite 2 hunchback will own a noob in an atlas all day long)

  • Benn289Benn289 Daggett, CAPosts: 25Member


  • gessekai332gessekai332 New York City, NYPosts: 860Member Uncommon

    starlance league all the way :P. it will be nice being in the cockpit of the ol' madcat once again.



    Most memorable games: AoC(Tryanny PvP), RIFT, GW, GW2, Ragnarok Online, Aion, FFXI, FFXIV, Secret World, League of Legends (Silver II rank)

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