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Your favorite character back story.

FrostWyrmFrostWyrm Tempe, AZPosts: 1,036Member

I've been recently trying to find out why my old NCSoft master account (which I haven't used in forever) is blocked so that I can give CoH a try again. In the mean time I was remeniscing about old characters I had and the back stories I'd given them.

So I figured why not find out about other people's characters and the stories behind them?


One of mine that stood out for me was an old Assault Rifle blaster I had named Mobile Enforcer.

Having been outshined time and time again by the heroes of Paragon City, the PPD funded a special project to give greater mobility and functionality to their police drones. This "mobile enforcer project" was to be the police department's way of saving face, and redeeming themselves for the embarrasment they'd endured in the face of the city's many registered heroes.

The city poured millions in tax payer dollars into the project, resulting in an android police drone with capability, mobility, and intelligence equal in capacity to the city's many heroes, and the firepower of an entire SWAT team to boot. The prototype Mobile Enforcer proved its worth by standing toe to toe with Paragon's heroes on numerous occasions. The trials were an astounding success. Mass production was just a heartbeat away...until something unexpected happened.

The Mobile Enforcer unit...filed a lawsuite against the city.

In an unprecedented legal trial, the Mobile Enforcer sued Paragon City for the rights to its own freedom...and won! He was deemed a sentient being, and granted all rights thereof, including the rights to his own design, effectively bringing mass production of the unit to a screeching halt. After the trial, the Mobile Enforcer quit the force and sought registration as a freelance hero. What was to be the project that showed the city the police were not to be taken lightly, became yet another source of shame for the Paragon Police Department.


  • iCaptainGeekiCaptainGeek Barbourville, KYPosts: 14Member

    Awesiome backstory dude.   I once made a hero whose name was (this is not a typo) Captain Um Guardian.

    His backstory went something like this:


    Um there was a um battle and um some um missiles were fired off close to some um missiles and then a um laser went off and the um sun had a um solar flare and um the laser um exploded and um... oh, um, never mind.


  • themiltonthemilton Denton, TXPosts: 353Member

    When I first started playing CoH (a couple months after launch), I made this whole family of Native Americans whose reservation was located on a former toxic dump. Evetually I got bored since I couldn't play all them at once and killed all of them off except a grandmother/grandson healer/scrapper duo. They were the last two members of their tribe. The scrapper's parents died due to side effects from the toxic waste, so he was raised by his grandmother. He got older and had nowhere else to go, so he went to Paragon City to make something for himself and prevent what happened to his family from happening to others. Of course, he couldn't leave his grandmother alone, so she came along with him.


    (That's a lot of 'so's!)


    Most of my backstories have something to do with being orphaned. One of my funnier ones is a bird-man alien thing who thought Arachnos agents were real spiders and came to Earth looking for food. As is the way of things, he crashed and is now stuck in the Rogue Isles. Got him up to level 20 to make him a Rogue. He's not really a Villain--he just looks out for his own interests, which mainly involve having fun (i.e.: wreaking havoc) and making money.

    The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.

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