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VengerVenger Posts: 1,295Member Uncommon

If I wanted to start creating my own mud what would be a good program to start with?  Java?


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

    probably ,run window in classic view and java is all accelerated and with some tweak like off screen rendering etc you jump from 60 fps to 1300 graphic wise!so ya only silverlight 5 is as fast as java!

  • KhaerosKhaeros Monroe, NYPosts: 452Member

    Try this link.  Start out playing with existing codebases before you do something crazy like make your own.


    Browse MUD forums like topmudsites and mudconnector (they have sections dedicated to builders / coders).

  • ptifouptifou parisPosts: 27Member Uncommon

    Despite java isn't a program but a language, yup, it's doable.

    Java's portable and quite easy to learn and use.

    Good luck !

  • VengerVenger Posts: 1,295Member Uncommon

    Thx for the info.

  • ErgloadErgload GV, OHPosts: 433Member Uncommon

    check out Chromud he's working on an HTML5 client that does some fancy stuff

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